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⭕ Falsehoods offered with evidence. The paint was analyzed, 3 chips, ancient up to 1704. Thomas Vaughans bio, below states the Michelangelo painted for Cardinal Pole was HUGE. Makes perfect sense because Pole lived in CASTLES here and in Italy. Common sense dictates a small painting wouldve clearly been an insult to his stature. Also in that bio, at least 5 Titians accompanied it on the return to England. Enough documentation remains to verify Cardinal Pole was indeed enlarging the gallery at Lambert Palace to accommodate his Italian art. According to a statement made by Archbishop Parker, sanctioned by Queen Elizabeth, Pole bequeathed everything to Alvise Pruile, who refused everything but some manuscripts[ probably incriminating Spirituali evidence]. Beccatelli was present, but Pole was aware that he was surrounded by spies. Realistically how much truth could Beccatelli be privy to. Beccatelli is promoted to Bishop shortly after. 2 of Poles great nephews are assassinated in Rome. Arthur in 1601 and Geoffrey in 1616. Suspicious, 2 trips, 2 murders. The 7-8, 4 inch, black wax Papal Seals prove Vatican possession. The do not respond X 5. The seals and Papal rings are destroyed at Papal deaths, but the keys and Latin are visible. Not only did Michelangelo sign his art, he initialed what appears to be between sessions, see back and white tons of MBs.
The back carries a giant MB, below, formed in Mikes ancient Italian and appears to be his bio and true statement of world events until the date on the painting, May 1540. An SS 43 which verified by Harry Ettlinger was SS practice for year acquired. Subjects were identified with 90-95% certainty. Henry VIII, his first 4 wives, Prince Edward as a toddler[born Oct.12, 1537 and William Sommers are represented. Ann of Cleves the only live wive portrayed also verifies the date, married Jan. 6-July 12 1540. Henry married Katherin Howard July 25, 1540. She isnt represented. This is the only unaltered true portrait of Ann of Cleves. Ann Boleyns true death mask was found, miracle #2, complete with 16th century appraisal, 2 long halves, hollow terra cotta, a ringer for Queen Elizabeth and the initials a & B in the loop of her blouse. A blessing since all true portraits were destroyed at her death[custom]. 12 portraits are mis labeled in Hans Holbeins complete works of Henry VIII. These were confirmed with facial recognition software, after assessing Royal clothing, Royal armor, jewelry, Henrys initials and the Tudor rose. It seems Sybille of Cleves suffered from the same deformity, see by Lucas Cranach. continued no room

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