1968 Pontiac Firebird GTO 400 330Hp Engine

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  • Published date: May 26, 2024
    • Saint Leonards, Hampshire, United Kingdom

1968 Pontiac Firebird GTO 400 330Hp Engine

⭕ Hello, this sale is for the nicest most complete unmolested 1968 Firebird 400 that you will ever find. I bought this from a very old man that ran a wrecking yard in a nearby town. He had a fairly large personel collection of Pontiac parts, including this motor buried an a back room. Originally he did not want to sell me this engine, he told me that he pulled this motor from a rolled over Firebird in 1969 or 1970. This motor has been in storage for 40 years, it is complete to the most minuite detail, all of the wire looms and brackets are intact. It has been completely rebuilt, restored and is ready to install. The casting numbers and the date codes are as follows:

Block: 9790071 Dated I-19-7
Heads: Code 16 Dated J-18-7

Exhaust manifolds: 9777755 Dated J-12-7 and 9779328 Dated J-23-7. Both of these are absolutly flawless with no pits or damage whatsoever. The heat control valve is intact on the passenger side and functions perfect.

Intake Manifold: 9790140 Dated: J-4-7

Timing cover: 9790347. This cover has 0 pitting or damage, no heli coils or stripped threads.

Carburetor: 7028263 Dated: 2337

Fuel Pump: AC script. Stamped JG40607

Water Pump: 9782482 Dated G058

Distributor: 1111449 7J6

Starter: 1108335 Dated: 7H15

Front Stamp 184739 WZ and the vin code is 28U117052
Short Block: Engine block has been jet washed and magnafluxed. This block has no cracks, repair or damage, no broken bolts and no heli coils. Cylinders have been freshly honed and it is still standard 4.125 on the bore size. The pistons are the original GM cast flat tops, they are in perfect condition with no wear or scoring These pistons yield the stock 10.50:1 compression ratio. Installed on the pistons are Hastings cast rings. Crankshaft is OEM Pontiac Nodular iron it has been freshly polished. It remains standard on both the rod and main journals. Connecting rods are original GM castings. Block also has a new set of freeze plugs, oil galley plugs installed. Finishing off the lower end are new King main and rod bearings and Dura Bond camshaft bearings.

Cylinder Heads: The cylinder heads on this engine are correct high performance code 16 castings. These heads have never had any porting, or damage. These have been completely rebuilt and updated to run on unleaded gas with bronze valve guides and hardened exhaust valve seats. The valves are original GM steel 2.11x1.71, Valve springs are new Pioneer stock replacement. Both heads were resurfaced for a perfect seal as well .004 was removed from each head.

Valvetrain: The camshaft and lifters are new and are new, both manufactured by Elgin industries. This cam is a blueprint reproduction of the factory 330hp grind part number Timing chain is a Cloyes single stock replacement set. The original rocker arms, pushrods studs and guideplates gad no wear so they were reused.

Accessories: This engine comes complete as pictured, aside from the metel fuel line and the choke rod this engine is 100% complete. Attached to the engine are the original GM rear sump oil pan and oil pump, Timing cover is correct with all factory hardware including the lift hook. The valve covers are original GM chrome with the correct AC cap, under the covers the correct splash sheilds are bolted to the heads. The ignition system has been completely rebuilt as well with new points,condenser,cap,rotor, spark plugs and new 7mm silicone spark plug wires. Carburetor has been completely rebuilt, recolored and restored as well. The fuel pump and the water appear to be in good working condition as well. The starter has been rebuilt with a new solinoid and brushes, it retains its original support bracket in the front. All of the original bolts, accessories and the wire looms were cleaned and reinstalled on the engine as well. This engine is truely as nice as it looks in the pictures and is ready to install and run.

Phone number ✆ 023 1691 2593
Saint Leonards, Hampshire

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