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  • Published date: April 10, 2023
    • Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


⭕ This listing is for a forged, stroker, 2v Modular Engine, with a 2.2 Competition Kenne Bell Blowzilla Supercharger, as well as a 26-spline modified TR-3650 transmission. It has Livernois short block (Mahle 16cc dish pistons, Manley H-Beam Rods, Livernois Stroker Crankshaft), Livernois CNC Ported Heads, Comp Cams, Centerforce Clutch, Trick Flow Valve Covers, 8-Rib Conversion, Injectors, all ARP Studs,etc... It is ready to install.

This drive train was removed from a 2003 Saleen with only 13,000 miles on the car and approximately 8,000 miles on the engine.

As you can see below, this listing also includes nearly all wiring from the car, all accessories, and nearly everything you need for a complete turn-key engine. The following is a list of the engine specifics, part numbers, and parts included with this listing:


1. Oil Pan - Stock 4.6 Modular Ford pan
2. Livernois Motorsports 3.750 Forged Stroker crankshaft. Stamped 3.750 and the part number was confirmed with Livernois. I did take the pan and heads off the motor to confirm all part numbers, and pictures are below. This crankshaft increases the displacement of the engine to 5.0 liters or 302CI. The short block was fully assembled by Livernois Motorsports.
3. ARP Main Studs
4. Ford Oil Pump and pick-up tube
5. Manley H-Beam Stroker Rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts. That is the best rod bolt you can get. 12 point heads.
6. Stock Ford timing chains and basic engine hardware.
7. Livernois Pistons (made my Mahle) 16cc forged aluminum pistons with teflon coated skirts and floating writ pins. Piston part numbers - C_1231_01 and DSW3516
8. The Cylinder heads are Romeo style 2V heads that have been CNC Ported on the exhaust and intake side. They are port matched very well. These alone are about $1700 from Livernois Motorsports.
9. It has Livernois specific Valve Springs to match with the high lift camshaft.
10.The camshafts are Comp Cams extreme energy cams. The comp cams part number is 102500. These are $625.00 new alone.
11.Trick Flow 2V Cast Valve covers with screw in breathers and powdercoated finish. These are so much nicer than stock and match the blower.
12.Kenne Bell 2.2 Liter Blowzilla Competition Series Supercharger. It spins freely, looks great, and has an 8 rib pulley. This blower has a custom intake that basically lets you use an 03 cobra blower on a 2v engine. It uses the same inlet as the cobra, has the Kenne Bell Accufab Throttle, and will accept an 03 cobra style cold air intake. This blower with this engine built should support around 700-800 HP depending on your fuel system.
13.Accufab Kenne Bell Throttle. Polished Aluminum and Engraved with Kenne Bell logo on the top.
14.Logan Motorsports Idle Air Control Valve. This gives about an additional inch of hood clearance. This engine was run under a 2003 Cobra hood, and may work under other hoods.
15.All engine accessories. Alternator, AC compresor and PS Pump. All have been converted to the 8 rib belt, a 500 option from Kenne Bell. AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE PICTURES, I ACCIDENTALLY DAMAGES THE ALTERNATOR DURING INSTALL. I CRACKED THE EXTERNAL HOUSING. IT SHOULD WORK JUST FINE, BUT IT IS DAMAGED. I HAVE PIECE THE CRACKED OFF.
16.ARP Head studs, PICTURED.
17.Brand New valve cover gaskets, Ford head gaskets, and NGK spark plugs
18.Sixty Pound black injectors
19.All Coil on Plugs
20.Wiring harnesses (Engine, starter, dash, body)
21.SCT Mass air meter
22.Kenne Bell Cold air intake, with two filter styles. The longer one should really be replaced.

23.Stock Flywheel

24. Centerforce 11 inch clutch with 26 spline clutch disc.

25. All Vacuum lines

26. All engine sensors

27. ABS Unit from the car

28. Keys, PATS Module, Key Reader

29. Breather Hoses

30. Transmission Spacer Plate

31. Kenne Bell Cold Air intake system with all hardware.

32. All Power Steering lines

33. All A/C lines and compressor.

34. Stock Fuel line, Charcoal Canister.

35. EGR Block off plate and Exhaust block off cover

36. Brand NEW Ford Racing Oil Filter (ALL FLUIDS ARE DRAINED)


1.TR-3650 transmission
2.Upgraded 26 spline input shaft - stock is 10 spline
3.Centerforce 11 clutch with 26 spline disc.
4.Wiring harness, all hardware.

5. Saleen Hurst Shifter with Handle

6. Bellhousing Bolts

Phone number ✆ 07391 294043

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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