Jaguar XK 120 XK140 Complete Engine

  • 2790.00 £
  • Published date: March 19, 2024
    • Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Jaguar XK 120 XK140 Complete Engine

⭕ I checked the engine number with Jag The W only came from the early first engine XK120. To verify what it originally came out of the first letter W only was the higher compression offer at the time offered at the time. This engine came out of a running 1954 Mk VII several years back. I purchased a Mk VII and a Mk IX from a friend. The one had a XK120 drivetrain and the other a 3.8 XKE 3.8 triple SU Power Plant The engine was stored well with oil. I also keep my pistons lubed while stored the valves are clean and the engine has good compression. I cant do a compression test because I dont have a fly wheel. the engine doesnt have carburetors. It does have the early aluminum oil pan. The engine number is W9343-8 and the head number is A9915-8 and what you see in the picture is what you get. The picture of the exhaust and intake valves from the ports shows little carbon build-up. Meaning this engine wasnt burning much oil and it was tuned. All cam lobes are consistent and not showing much wear. I have a picture of an intake and exhaust valve I will leave the lifting brackets on. but they should be removed. I need to clean the intake and exhaust surfaces with a surface conditioning disc so that tape would seal out water while I cleaned the engine.
Feel free to call me at Thanks, Marty
The engine weighs 472 pounds and crated it weighs 550 pounds. 36 inches x 26 inches x 35 inches It must be 26 inches for stability.


Phone number ✆ 07742 103741
Blackburn, Lancashire

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