Lotus Twincam Engine Elan Cortina Kit Car Escort

  • 3200.00 £
  • Published date: January 26, 2024
    • Dovedale, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Lotus Twincam Engine Elan Cortina Kit Car Escort

⭕ This engine has been built to the highest standards and is more or less a complete unit ready to drop in and go.

Basic dimensional specifications

Block bored to +30

Crank Standard/Standard (only needed a polish)

Head thickness, 116.8 -- 117.0 measured in multiple locations

Head converted to Big value with bronze guides and has been professional ported.

Block is an L, casting no is 3020E, has the ability to have a rear dipstick (currently plugged)

The engine was chemically cleaned, head pressure tested to 50psi, fully balanced

The engine has been assembled with all quality components, ACL bearings, QED Omega forged pistons (new), freshly profiled L14 cams (Kent cams), Vernier pullies (new), steel flywheel (new), steel crank pulley, HP oil pump.

Other new components

Timing chain, complete tensioner adjuster, tensioner damper, water pump, clutch plate, clutch pressure plate, oil filler cap, dip stick tube, thermostat housing, thermostat ring (special insert to allow the removal of the thermostat and maintain correct coolant flow), front cover heater hose connector, heater valve, Q55 valve springs

Carbs are dellorto DHLA 40, they were in excellent condition, even so they were cleaned and serviced (if you prefer I have a set of 40 DCOE, in good condition) Carbs will require jetting on the rolling road.

The engine has been vernier timed to match the requirements of the L14 camshafts. The suggested output power should be approx. 140 BHP which should mean it is a good fast road engine.

Included accessories

Engine stand, New High current alternator with engine mountings (reconditioned unit), VR sensor with (mounted), stainless steel exhaust manifold, water temperature gauge adaptor, ignition leads with Taylor Spiro Pro cable (8mm) MSD plug caps (long enough to use with a EDIS coil pack, distributor ends will need to be added once the ignition system is in place to get the correct lead lengths)

EDIS system, for the sharp ones out there youll have noticed that I havent mentioned a distributor. I run my engines with 3D ECUs, believe me it makes a difference! So there is a mounted VR sensor and a very expensive trigger wheel and the leads are long enough to mount the coil pack off the engine. You will need to add an ECU (I use the DTA S40 ignition only, if you want I can give you my 3D map) and either a MAP or TPS sensor (I use TPS).

Phone number ✆ 01332 431453
Dovedale, Derbyshire

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