1930 Sunbeam Model 90 Engine, Vintage

  • 1800.00 £
  • Published date: May 20, 2024
    • Eckington, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

1930 Sunbeam Model 90 Engine, Vintage

⭕ This sale is for my 1930 Sunbeam Model 90 engine with number NN4007. This engine is fully rebuilt and ready to run.

The list of works undertaken is as follows:

· Set up and bore crankpin holes in flywheels

· Turn and screw-cut crankpin in EN36

· Heat treat crankpin

· Hone outer ring in conrod

· Grind crankpin roller track

· Grind crankpin to fit flywheel holes

· Turn oil-way and drill holes in roller cage to feed big end

· Assemble and true flywheels

· Clean crankcases. Clean faces. Check and clean out all threads

· Set up and bore main bearing housing to set bearings deeper into crankcases

· Machine tops of bearing housings

· Supply new ball and roller bearings to crank

· Cams and followers re-profiled to 30:60 and heat treated (by Chris Odlin)

· Bore out drive side crankcase to fit oil seal

· Shim crankshaft to give 0.005 end float

· Set up and bore crankcases to fit oil feed quill

· Dismantle oil pump and check all parts

· Modify tell-tale plunger housing to match thread in pump

· Make new plunger for tell-tale

· Fit new seal and spring to tell-tale

· Make and fit blanking plug to oil pump

· Remove oil feed to big end. Fit blanking plug (modified oil feed to big end)

· Set up oil pump and test

· Make adaptor and filter for oil return in crankcases

· Make and fit blanking plug in timing case

· Remove timing gear bushes. Make and fit new bushes. Ream to fit.

· Clean up faces of timing cover

· Machine piston skirt, circlip grooves and piston crown

· Make and fit small end bush

· Make and fit cylinder studs

· Re-cut valve seats in cylinder head and lap in

· Fit new valves and springs to head

· Modify lubrication to valve stems from rocker box

· Make four cylinder head sleeve nuts

· Make six crank case studs

· Make oil pump drive nut

· Bore cylinder to fit piston

· Make timing cover fixing screws

· Check, reset and mark timing gears

· Assemble piston to conrod

· Check and gap piston rings

· Lap in cylinder head to cylinder

· Fit valve springs and valves to head

· Fit cylinder head, cylinder, push-rods, covers, rocker box side plates to crankcases

· Set valve clearance

· Fit valve lifter, timing cover and oil pump fittings.

· Dull nickel plating to various engine parts

Phone number ✆ 01386 933002
Eckington, Worcestershire

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