Online Tutoring In English Literature Or English Language

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  • Published date: June 29, 2024
    • Ottery St Mary, Devon, United Kingdom

Online Tutoring In English Literature Or English Language

⭕ I can tutor you directly, online, in the subjects of English Literature or English Language, for £20.00 per hour.

How does online tutoring work?

1. You send me written work by email and I critique it and make detailed recommendations.

2. We go back and forth for an hour (which can be spread over a week!) until you are happy.

Much less time wasted, no hassles, no travel, much cheaper - like having a tutor on tap!

This includes proofreading your work and making recommendations prior to submission to school or university.

How is this better than conventional face-to-face tutoring?

i) Its considerably cheaper! Conventional face-to-face tutoring can cost anywhere between £25 and £45, mainly because a tutor has to cover his or her own travel expenses and so on. Online tutoring has fewer overheads and so can keep costs right down!

ii) There are no travel hassles involved! You dont have to get in a car or travel by bus to a strangers home; you dont have to welcome a stranger into your own home. You get to sit where you like, when you like, wear what you like, in whatever environment you like - you can even listen to music while emailing!

iii) No time is wasted! In a normal tutoring hour, time goes by as you try to explain to the tutor what you are having difficulty with, and then he or she spends time reading over what you have written, or sits there waiting for you to finish writing something. With online tutoring, you only pay when the tutor actually does something. You send work to me and I read and critique it, make notes and recommendations, and send it back to you. This can happen several times over a week, until it adds up to an hour of my time, not yours. In between emails, you can do whatever you wish! No time-wasting, no sitting around, just intensive help addressing exactly what you need to have addressed!

iv) More focused! Online tutoring zooms in on the exact points you need help with. This is extremely effective. My product is YOU, more skilled in understanding assignments and writing essays and able to spot how to tweak a piece of work so that it improves and gains grades with teachers and examiners. Most students pick up these skills within about 5 hours.

I can help you rapidly

•overcome the initial barrier of that blank page staring at you with a three-step approach

•solve essay-writing problems like making your argument logical

•upgrade the quality of your work in five simple stages

•help you to spot what is wrong with your own work and correct it easily.

All from the comfort of your own home, without having to travel or even have someone visit you!

Contact me to download a FREE essay guide now (no obligation)!

I am a very experienced classroom teacher and tutor of over 20 years. I gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in English Literature from Flinders University in South Australia and was the head of a Sussex private schools English Department for 14 years (then Head Teacher of the whole school for over 6 years). I am DBS checked.

Contact me NOW and experience a sigh of relief as the burden of studying English Language and English Literature and writing essays begins to transform into something that you can understand and think with!

Phone number ✆ 01752 177589
Ottery St Mary, Devon

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