Second Rate Services From Bobbi/Elle/Jayde/L

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  • Published date: July 6, 2024
    • Wishaw, Scotland, United Kingdom

Second Rate Services From Bobbi/Elle/Jayde/L

⭕ Hey boys ;)

Im sure plenty of you know me by the names above in the title, Ive been about enough of you and I am here to offer myself for RWD fun as my saddlebags arent baggy or fishy smelling enough yet.

Ive always got slots for business as Im never busy and available 24/7 as long as you can host/car meet as i cant come to my house incase I get caught but Il gladly freeload at yours anytime ;)

If your idea of a good night is sitting in my fake company and being hugely disappointed by the sight when I strip naked and you realise I am covered in stretch marks, I sag and everything except my ass (which is hairy cracked) went south a long time ago and its all held in place by me breathing in or a sports bra-see attached pic! Im a far cry from what my pics display but then filters and sneaky camera angled poses help me out a lot...lets just say If you like dogs ears I am def the lady for you ;) Also if youre very lucky I might have waxed my ass beforehand too although I maybe didnt wipe properly after going last...ooops :P

Look deep at my heavily bagged, souless eyes as Im with you and marvel at my yellow stained teeth, bad breath and squint nose (got broke a second time cos I could not keep my hands of my friends man!) and plz ignore the names tattoed on me, I gave it all up to do this for a living and I am that dedicated to getting your hard earned cash cos im too much of a lifetime victim to know any better!

Youve tried the best now try the me get the boobjob I so badly need as thats ALL i care about ;)

Ps-supply the drink n 420 and il might do it all for nothing-desparation or what huh :)

What you waiting for boys, get in

Phone number ✆ 07624 858895
Wishaw, Scotland

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