TECH INVESTORS- Wearables Reanimator Neuro-Engineering

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  • Published date: April 20, 2024
    • Syston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

TECH INVESTORS- Wearables Reanimator Neuro-Engineering

⭕ Reanimator Neuro-Engineering .
This new advanced dual-core; interactive WEARABLE -TECHNOLOGY, incorporated within an ubiquitous sports-cap includes a PATENTED micro-mini- laboratory style NEURAL bio-reactor used for potentially dramatic ongoing cognitive enhancement.

Can Electric Brain Training Devices Make You Smarter?

If there were a system or a product that could make you, say, 10% smarter, youd buy it in a second, right?
Thats been the promise of the brain training field, which has grown to a $1.3 billion market

These wearable gadgets--with names like Melon, Emotiv Insight, Melomind, iFocusBand, and Narbis--aim to gauge your cerebral activity using electroencephalography (EEG) and then redirect your focus. Other companies, such as Thync, Fisher Wallace Laboratories, and Halo Neuroscience, use mild electric pulses that purportedly activate certain connections in your brain.

Global Wearables Market to Reach 1 Billion Devices by 2020

In dollar terms, this would mean a market potential in excess of US$100 billion.

What is needed in the Art and has not been available is a non-invasive way to activate neural cells and neurons to grow and regenerate without using dangerous and extremely high electrical currents and/or very powerful magnetic energy devices.

Research has clearly shown in the laboratory that neural progenitor cell proliferation can be enhanced up to 400% using very specific tiny micro magnetic pulse blasts.
Reanimator operates at 1/3 the power of a cell phone without any of the phones micro-wave energy.
Target market: 18-34 years healthy college students.

Safer to use than a cell phone!
PowerPoint slideshow available on request.

Phone number ✆ 07955 168403
Syston, Lincolnshire

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