Fresh Organic Bay Leaves Picked To Order (50)

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  • Published date: April 1, 2024
    • Wisley, Surrey, United Kingdom

Fresh Organic Bay Leaves Picked To Order (50)

⭕ Fresh bay leaves grown organically and picked at the point of purchase!

Use to flavour soups, stews, meat, seafood, vegetable dishes, and sauces. The leaves also flavour many classic French, Thai, Indian and Pakistani dishes.

There are many health benefits associated with Bay Leaves:

•Nutrient Packed: Bay leaves offer us a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and iron.
•Bay leaves soothe body aches. Make a decoction of 4-5 bay leaves in 1 litre of water and add to bathwater to relieve sore muscles and rejuvenate the body.
•Ease joint pain from arthritis. Rubbing bay leaf oil on inflamed joints reduces pain.
•Immune supportive: Have antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Use a decoction as a compress to heal skin infection.
•Blood sugar balance: May improve insulin sensitivity and are helpful in regulating blood sugar. This makes them a great herb of choice for those dealing with diabetes or simply wanting a little more help getting blood sugar under control.
•Aid in digestion and are said to boost appetite, help with gastric diseases and reduce flatulence.
•Reduce congestion: Consuming bay leaves in a tea can help ease the symptoms of coughs and colds as they help to clear congestion.
•Scalp health: A decoction, as outlined above, can also be used as a post-shampoo hair rinse to keep the scalp healthy and dandruff away.

Grown in Essex. Although there is no official organic certification these bay leaves are organic because the soil has never been touched with any chemicals/weed killers/nutrients.

Phone number ✆ 07415 881576
Wisley, Surrey

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