Good News: Cured Body Odor PERMANENTLY/ Forever Now

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Good News: Cured Body Odor PERMANENTLY/ Forever Now

⭕ Vietnamese Heirloom Deodorants
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Be confident in summer activities with Vietnamese herbalist, you dont need to worry about excessive sweating.
Recover completely from body odor/ underarm odor no longer distances with your beloved
1 single bottle => 100% eliminate completely from bad body odor
More than 5 thousand Vietnamese and foreign people are cured
The remedy is prepared from precious natural medicinal herbs

No allergens, but light side effects

Not like other Deodorants in the market, which help you to prevent body odor only when you use these Deodorants, it means body odor will come back if you stop using the Deodorants.

We are different from them. Only a course of treatment => Never recurrence. After using one bottle of Heirloom Vietnam Body Odor deodorant, you will be eliminated completely from bad body odor forever.

Causes of body odor / body odor

The odor appearing in the armpit is caused by activity of large sweat gland. The sweat gland is under the skin in the areas of armpit, genital or the eyebrows. It gives off quite solid fluid containing mucus protein and iron. These compounds in combination with the resolution of the underarm bacteria will form an unsaturated fatty acid which has unpleasant smell that is often referred to body odor.

Therefore, to effectively treat body odor, we need to eradicate large sweat gland that causes this smell. Our traditional product inhibits and shrinks sweat gland mucus 100%, completely treat underarm odor.

A course of treatment => Body odor never recurrence

Deodorants Effect
Eliminate bad body odor forever
Helps whiten armpit, shrink pores

Deodorant Use
Liquid deodorant, spray 2 times a day in the morning and evening
Clean and dry before spraying
Spray one time in the armpit area, rub slightly
During use, you can take your bath anytime
Note: while using the deodorant, do not shave or pull out the armpit hair.

Deodorant Side Effects May Include
Inflamed (Very seldom)

Vietnam Body Odor Heirloom Spray: Use One Time - Time life Effect

There are many ways to treat bad body odor, e.g you can use deodorant products or traditional therapy to treat underarm odor.

Someone decide to get surgery on sweat gland surgery, which is very expense. Surgery on sweat gland means sucking the mucus glands under the armpit to eliminate sweat and odor. Is there any way that is inexpensive with lifetime effect?

With very good result, good price, easy use, why would you do not choose Vietnam body odor heirloom remedy?

Vietnam Body Odor Heirloom Deodorant

Vietnam Body Odor Heirloom deodorant is prepared from various herbs, rare plant roots, no or little side effects, everyone can use it.

Dose: Use 2 or 3 bottles of 12ml to have the best result. Or you need only one bottle if your symptom is light. Each bottle can be used for a period of two weeks.

How to make the best of Vietnam heirloom body odor deodorant?

Now you might think, OK, I think I need to start using the it first ... But how should I start? And how should I use the it effectively?

Do not worry, we will guide you.

Step 1: Clean the infected area (armpits or legs) then clean with a soft cloth.
Step 2: Open the lid, put your index finger on the top of the spray cap, then shake well.
Step 3: Straight up your arm to have the best position of spray. Then press the index finger to spray the infested area (spray one time if your symptom is light, and two time if the symptom is serious). Rub gently with your hand, avoid spraying to much or deodorant will run down your arm. Do the same with the left armpit.
Step 4: After spraying is complete, you need about 3-5 minutes for the deodorant penetrating into your body. Then you can put on your shirts, shoes and do daily activities without worrying about smells.

You should follow the instruction:

1. Do not stop until the bottle is empty.
2. Do not use together with other deodorant or it may result deodorant resistance, ineffectiveness.
3. Do not shave or pull out armpit hair.

COMMITMENT TO A SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT when you follow our instruction!

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