How To Get Rich, Lose Weight, And Enjoy More Sex

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  • Published date: August 29, 2023
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How To Get Rich, Lose Weight, And Enjoy More Sex

⭕ Reading the e-book How to Get Rich, Lose Weight and Enjoy More Sex: Short Stories for Successful Living could mean the difference between you becoming a super human: healthy, wealthy and wise living the dream wherever you are, or a life of suffering the nightmare of becoming a lazy, intellectually challenged subhuman living in a tent city eating out of a dumpster. This is the range of human experience available to you. Do not risk it. Read this book. And WIN!!!

All the secrets of the universe await you. But first you must endure mystery, mayhem and adventure.

Technology is taking over. It controls humanity. It is only a matter of time before people are not allowed to question their technology. In this book of short stories and vignettes, you will encounter both superhuman and sub-human and all categories in-between each living their own version of the Dream or the Nightmare.

In Chicken Little Remix, our heroes try to reach President Osama to urge him to do something about Global Warming, but Foxy Loxy Network has other plans.

Last American features the nightmare of a woman cut off from civilization.

Sludge Grudge explores how a news aggregation website has the power to make or break a president.

In Day the Internet Died, the Government becomes your friend.

DLSM follows the trajectory of a self-made billionaire who was the first to commercialise sexbots for men on an international scale.

In Edge of Obesity, Internet searching reaches a neurotic frequency.

A disturbed Internet guru travels the malls of rural America in Pork City USA.

A man earns a living as a human paint ball target in Shoot the Freak.

Tamis first day of work in Dementia House 27 goes from bad to worse in Vortex of Shit.

In How to Get Rich, Lose Weight, and Enjoy More Sex, simple advice is presented for your consideration and entertainment.

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