New Novel Out March 31 On Amazon Kindle Explores Living In Mars

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  • Published date: March 31, 2024
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New Novel Out March 31 On Amazon Kindle Explores Living In Mars

⭕ The Mannery is the latest novel by Canadian writer Plutarc Sicat. The fantasy suspense novel follows human migration to Mars, starting off with how the Mars colony got established through the initiatives of U.S. President Donald Trump and entrepreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk.

Read about how three major blocks of humanity compete for the best piece of the Martian pie by jockeying for positions and sacrificing the other groups for their survival. The most clever block of Martian society eventually snags a two-for-one deal that causes pain, suffering, slavery and death to the least powerful block of the immigrants to the Red Planet. Long may the Gaysons Society reign.

Heres a Prologue to The Mannery:

Abattoir is a term with special meaning to the Industrial Revolution. It connotes an assembly line of swine hanging upside down as the animals throats are slashed in ritual fashion. But no matter how the facility operator tries to do everything efficiently, there are always splatters of blood everywhere. Also, the sound of pigs squealing can be rather deafening at times.

During World War II, the abattoir would be transformed into gas chambers meant to exterminate the Jews from the face of the earth. In 2020, towards the end of US President Donald Trumps first term, the beginnings of the mannery were sown. And decades after that, the term would supplant the abattoir as well as the gas chamber.

It grows here still on the red soil. The mannery has evolved as an efficient way to process straight males grown in an artificial environment of normalcy. The newly harvested men now hang upside down after having been ordered to down a bottle of Cognac and vinegar just a few hours ago. Their ankles securely fastened to a revolving line that takes them closer and closer to saying bye, bye to their best part.

The men are encouraged to scream to their hearts content inside the mannery. Its a way to let off steam that ultimately tenderizes their meat, finishing the job that the Cognac began earlier. Finally, the ever efficient killing machine takes an accurate swipe at the mens hanging throats as their tongues stick out just as they have been taught from childhood.

An equally efficient system down the floor of the mannery collects all the blood and not a drop goes to waste as the men bleed down. Subsequently, the carcasses are scalded, shaved then washed. The dead bodies would be individually portioned based on preassigned skin markings. Backs with a special triple-A tattoo go to a pink container, which is loaded in waiting vans marked Gourmet.

Ultimately, the so-called best part of man will find its way in the kitchens, fridges, and freezers of the rich. And it cant go to waste, often enjoyed with a glass of special wine with friends and family. It has been a century since the mannery was institutionalized and there are no signs that it will ever be supplanted by anything else.

After all, there has been no wars, revolutions or any kind of uprising for a hundred years and still counting. Apparently, straight men have learned to accept their fate early in life and enjoy their just and fair reward while they are still alive. As a matter of fact, they are often seen showing off the slaughter date that has been branded on their tight buttocks in the old blacksmith tradition. Its their own style of manning up to the harsh realities of their otherwise very short existence on the Red Planet.

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