Power Without The Glory (the Lymington Novel)

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  • Published date: May 11, 2024
    • Fownhope, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Power Without The Glory (the Lymington Novel)

⭕ Power Without The Glory is probably one of the best books youve never read. You wont hear it being promoted on one of the many BBC radio shows which are called advertorials where middle-class people who know each other endlessly promote each others books, films, plays, music and so on. You wont see a press photo of a celebrity carrying this book because as an author Im not willing to pay her or him £5,000 plus to do that. Many so-called celebrities make their money by promoting goods and services in the media either by casually mentioning the products on radio or TV or by being photographed carrying, driving or wearing the item theyve been paid to advertise. Thats how celebrities fund their luxury lifestyles without having a regular job like you and me. Warning: contains explicit sexual narrative.

This book (643 pages) is available via Lulu Press at £22.48 print copy or £7.95 for the ebook edition. Book reference when ordering: ISBN 9781-4457-42786.

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Fownhope, Herefordshire

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