CETAC Technologies U-5000AT Ultrasonic Nebulizer ICP/MS

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  • Published date: July 17, 2024
    • Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom

CETAC Technologies U-5000AT Ultrasonic Nebulizer ICP/MS

⭕ CETAC U-5000AT Ultrasonic Nebulizer and 2050 Heated and Refrigerated Constant Temperature Bath

The unit powers up and heats up. I tested the bath to 0°C and to heat. Everything works as it should and the pump rotates on the back of the nebulizer and varies with the speed control. The unit look like new. The transducer installed is a NI-754. According to the manufacturer, the difference between the U5000AT and the U5000AT+ is that the AT+ will tune itself rather than the AT which needs to be manually tuned. Comes with 30 day return policy if unhappy with the purchase. Delivery or local collection. Accessories Included:
Extra Transducer, Type: NI-751, Part Number: 340001
Drain Pump Tubing and Connectors
2 Extra Glass Reducers
Argon Tubing, 5/152.4 mm (should say cm I believe), 3/16/4.8 mm I.D.
Spare Fuse for 100/115 V
Tubing Extension Kit (TEFZEL)
Spare Luer Plug and Sample Inlet Ferrule
Additional various tubing and the water in/out cables
Part Number: 350001, Thermo Jarrell Ash Spray Chamber Adapter with Peristalic Pump Tubing, 1.3mm I.D. Grey/Grey
SP5155F Sticker, TJA Interface Kit for AtomScan 25 & ICAP61E Series ICP

The Cetac U-5000AT is an enhanced sample introduction system for ICP spectrometry. The system consists of an air-cooled piezoelectric transducer, an aerosol chamber, a temperature controlled heated U-tube and a temperature-controlled condenser. In addition, a built-in drain pump and auto-tuned stabilized power supply provided excellent reproducibility and reliability. To operate the U-5000AT, a liquid sample is pumped onto the piezoelectric transducer where the ultrasonic action efficiently converts it to a fine, dense aerosol. The nebulizer carrier gas flow then transports the wet aerosol through a heated U-tube where the solvent is vaporized. Subsequently, most of the solvent vapor is removed from the aerosol stream by passing the stream through a chilled condenser. The result is a dry, analyte-laden aerosol which is introduced to the plasma.

The U-5000AT improves limits of detection by both increasing the analyte transport efficiency and by stripping the solvent from the aerosol thereby reducing the solvent load on the plasma. Compared to typical pneumatic nebulizers, detection of sample analytes is generally enhanced by up to an order of magnitude when using the U-5000AT ultrasonic nebulizer. The enhancement in sensitivity is found with both ICP-AES and ICP-ms instruments.

Dimensions: 35.6 cm W x 34.9 cm D x 25.4 cm H
Weight: 27 lbs (12.3 kg)

Phone number ✆ 022 1186 1119
Wandsworth, London

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