Looking For The Best Return On Your MONEY? Come To Our Life Presentati

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  • Published date: May 8, 2024
    • Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Looking For The Best Return On Your MONEY? Come To Our Life Presentati

⭕ Hello and thanks for stopping by. Ill get right to the point.

Come to our life presentation on february 4th at the Hotel Chelsea Horbour at fulham London sw10 OXG Chelsea harbour dr 14h

In the interest of saving valuable time, Ill do my best you give a quick summary of the offer and be assured you have NOT seen this before because before now it wasnt possible.

We are seeking those with professional backgrounds, finance, real estate, insurance, sales management, and marketing, to add to our team. Most cannot fathom the amount of income or potential earnings the company we work for will pay for those participating but Ill risk stating it because it is easily verified.

In the beginning of 2013 many of my personal friends joined a company that set industry records of a billion its first year without merger or acquisition and created over 300 millionaires, but technology and innovation never sleeps and I was recently given an opportunity to work directly with another company that will likely do 10x the income and Ill quickly explain why.

When I say nothing will pay more, this is not a form of exaggeration or hype, and if youre looking for some kind of fast cash scheme and have the attention span of a fruit fly this is not for you and its my prerogative to choose who I work with and am very selective.

We are actually combining three of the most stable and lucrative industries in a single global platform. The company is called Exergonix, a US based company in MO that specializes in military and commercial applications in the renewable energy and storage markets. They recently bought out Coda Energy (Monrovia CA) and are a billion $$ company, with management of impeccable reputations, 200 million in patents, and Presidential accolades for innovation and also the Gates Foundation.

I flew out from NYC to meet the CEO Don Nissanka and also CEO of PowerOn Arve Evensen in California just prior to the holidays and also flew out a few friends from OH, TX, and NC and am now building the largest organization in North America with other friends from FL, and CA.

We have created the ONLY energy backed crypto currency that is decentralized and uses the same block chain technology as bitcoin but commodity backed for stability and also backed by global fund. Had you bought $1000 worth of bitcoin in 2008 when the sub-prime markets were hitting the floor and the housing markets in the basement - it would be worth $7,000,000 today and this is your only chance to get another comparable opportunity as no one can roll back the time.

EVERYTHING is verifiable and you are welcome to ask any questions if a good fit and feel free to do your own due diligence. The company is at www.Exergonix.com and I have a FB page I made at www.Facebook.com/XeCoin.biz Also feel free to Google or go to Wikipedia to research Don and Exergonix and Ill upload a photo when I post this so you know its not some form of hype and understand the time sensitivity.

Im hosting webinars every Saturday at 12 noon eastern standard time, I am also hosting a live presentation in midtown every Friday at 7pm conveniently located by the train, come join our organization either full or part time. Our goal is to create 400 millionaires in the next 14 months, and my number is listed in the reply option to this post, please text me for a quick reply.

In closing there is a significant advantage to those getting involved prior to the 20th and it is a hard date that cannot be changed. To inquire please respond with your day or evening phone number, the best time to reach you, and a little about yourself, like current profession and experience for consideration or give me a call.

Thanks, and youre welcome -- Moyses Ballinas

Phone number ✆ 01452 819567
Gloucester, Gloucestershire

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