The SR530 Is A 24-channel, Dual-frequency GPS Receiver

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  • Published date: June 14, 2024
    • Glaston, Rutland, United Kingdom

The SR530 Is A 24-channel, Dual-frequency GPS Receiver

⭕ The SR530 is a 24-channel, dual-frequency GPS receiver
of the highest accuracy and with on-board RTK. The top
model of Leica Geosystems System 500 range, the
SR530 is light, rugged and easy to use. This high-tech
receiver combines outstanding performance and
productivity with exceptional economy.

The SR530 has Leica Geosystems ClearTrak
technology for best signalto-noise ratios, resistance to
jamming and multipath mitigation. ClearTrak guarantees fast satellite acquisition
and reliable tracking, even to low satellites in poor conditions.
SR530 -- top technology yet very easy to use
Dual-frequency is essential for high-accuracy results,
reduction of ionospheric influences, short rapid-static
measurements and fast ambiguity resolution on the
L1: full-wave carrier phase,
C/A narrow code and
precision code
L2: full-wave carrier phase,
P-code or P-code aided
under AS.

Because ClearTrak TM provides very strong signals,
suppresses multipath to almost negligible levels and
shields against interference, the SR530 will measure in
the vicinity of trees and obstructions and in areas
where other receivers are often jammed.

TR500 terminal
The terminal is extremely versatile. It plugs directly
into the receiver or connects to it by a cable; it
can be attached to the pole or held in the hand.
Display and keyboard .The terminal has a large
display and full alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard
for the input of point identifiers, codes, attributes etc.
Satellite tracking, receiver, recording, power-supply
status, real-time positions and other information are


2 SR530 Dual-frequency survey receiver
2 AT502 Dual-frequency antenna
1 TR500 terminal
3 GEV120 2.8m antenna cable
1 GEV97 1.8m connection cable, TR500 to GPS
1 GVP602 Container (hard) for System 500
1 GDF112, Basic Tribrach with Optical Plummet
1 GRT146 Carrier
1 GZS4-1 Height Hook
2 PDL Rover Radio 433 MHz C/W GFU6 Housing

Phone number ✆ 07967 574160
Glaston, Rutland

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