Vandercook UNIVERSAL 1 Letterpress

  • 3400.00 £
  • Published date: June 30, 2024
    • Zennor, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Vandercook UNIVERSAL 1 Letterpress

⭕ 1968 Vandercook UNIVERSAL I Letterpress

Heres a Vandercook Universal I press in amazing condition and that in itself would be reason to buy since these hardly ever come onto the market.
Powered Motor Carriage - Allows for quick print runs without having to turn a flywheel to move the carriage (up to 300 perfect impressions per hour). Can also cycle through print runs automatically (grippers open, grab the sheet of paper, closes grippers, rolls down the bed and prints, releases the grippers to pull papersheet, then returns automatically back to restart print run).
Adjustable Bed - For those contemporary letterpress printers who demand deep, crisp impressions into the paper, a simple gear turn of the adjustable bed at the foot of the press and you can accurate measure the depth of your impressions (+/- .918). This feature along with a large cylinder drum gives Vandercook presses the ability to print more cleanly and crisply than even Heidelbergs.
Removable Automatic Tape Sheet Delivery + Frisket - Shown in the very last picture, the removable frisket is used to lift off the printed sheet from the grippers and bring back to the operator!
Automatic Washup - To make ink clean-up that much easier and faster, this press comes with an washup tray and blade to scrape ink off of the ink cylinder.
Unique Ink Monitor - Attached to the paper feed board, it monitors the level of ink for automatic runs. Its an unique accessory not found very often at all.
Extra Set of Adjustable Form Ink Rollers - For faster printing of two color runs, an extra set of rollers are included. Simply rub off the first color off the cylinders, swap out rollers and then youre ready to print without having to worry about mixing residual ink. One set of rollers are used for dark colors and another for light colors.
Miscellaneous Accessories - Original Vandy positive lockup bar, 918 lollipop roller setting gauge, and storage cabinet under the press to name of few...
Here are the exact specs from the Universal I Sales brochure:
Bed: 15½ × 39
Maximum sheet: 15¼ × 24
Maximum form: 13 × 22
Floor space: 211 × 72 (add 3 for adjustable bed)
Net weight: 1300 lbs (add 500 lbs adjustable bed & 150 lbs for power drives)

Phone number ✆ 01326 978834

Zennor, Cornwall

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