2TB Sata Hard Drives 3.5 (Three For Sale)

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  • Published date: February 18, 2024
    • Banstead, London, United Kingdom

2TB Sata Hard Drives 3.5 (Three For Sale)

⭕ Hammersmith, London W6 9JA (Near stations). *** Collection only ***

I have three 2TB SATA computer hard drives for sale (standard 3.5 inch size). They do not need to be sold together but there will be a discount for multiple purchases at once.

The first two drives (pictured in the first pic) are Seagate Barracuda Green 2000GB Drives. ST2000DL003. 64mb cache, 5900rpm. They have not been booted from, were used in a windows software raid for a couple of years. They have been out of use for about 3 years now (sitting not plugged in to a PC). They are matching for RAID use etc (not sure if they are rated for that), and I believe they are in perfect condition. For info: google ST2000DL003

On that point, if you contact me please give me half a day or so to properly clean and back up the important content of these drives before collection. I am also happy to run the diagnostic software and maybe some SMART monitoring software and show/prove the results. These drives work fine and were removed in good condition. I have been building and upgrading PCs since 1997 - I know what Im doing :)

The price for the Seagate drives is £38 each cash or £73 for both, collected. I can show them working if you like when you collect but that will require quick formatting them - I wont sit though a sector by sector check on a 2TB drive with you, sorry! Takes too long.

The third drive is a Hitachi 7K2000 0F10311 2tb drive, part number H3D20003272S. 7200rpm, 32mb cache. Its been not used for about a whole 5 years (was sat in a retired PC, despite the size), and has only had light use (no torrents etc,). It was the boot device in my mums PC which was overkill in terms of size and my mum hardly used the PC anyway. This is a 7200rpm device so should be a little quicker than the Seagate drives above. I would like £42 collected for this, again I can SMART test it or run the diagnostic software for it if I can find it if you like. For info: google H3D20003272S .

Please note as with all 2tb drives, this is something like 2 trillion * 8 bits, it wont format to 2tb - maybe 1.92tb - in windows on NTFS. Thats an industry normal for the size of 2tb drives. Also note none of these drives are 4k sector size, they are 512 or virtually 512, they will boot in older computers without UEFI bios which makes them more flexible and these are getting harder to find.

Thanks for reading my listing, please contact me and I hope you enjoy your extra storage. There will be no returns or refunds, if you would like me to test them in some way for you before purchase or collection just let me know the details.

All 3 2tb drives together will be sold for £110, but Ill need a while longer to wipe them etc. Collection from W6 9JA, very near Hammersmith stations and bus terminus. I can meet you at the station too though no mobile atm.

Advertised elsewhere.

Mr Naveen R

Phone number ✆ 07911 296703
Banstead, London

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