2x Original Marantz 9 Amplifiers + Marantz 7 Preamplifier

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  • Published date: March 29, 2024
    • Toddington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

2x Original Marantz 9 Amplifiers + Marantz 7 Preamplifier

⭕ Marantz 7 Preamplifier: Serial Number 718029

For sale an original Marantz 7 Preamplifier that is also part of a set of other Marantz gear being offer together.
Apart from the age and normal wear/tear, the condition of this Marantz 7 is 8/10 due to weathering. Some front panel letters are fading and the knobs are tarnished.
This Marantz 7 has all of the original internal parts; nothing has been altered, changed or modified inside, this Marantz 7 Preamplifier is 100% Factory original. The original brown marantz paint also shows slight oxidation and pitting.
This Marantz 7 Preamplifier 100% operational. All six 12AX7 tubes are included. One of the six tube shields is missing and the original wood case is not included.
In order to be able to use the preamplifier without the case, four carefully sized plastic feet were selected and glued to the bottom panel, no drilling. This allows the Preamplifier to breathe when placed on a flat surface. These bottom feet are important as the Marantz 7 Preamplifier needs natural convection ventilation when used without the Wood Case.
You will not be disappointed with the amazing Sonics of this marvelous Vintage Preamplifier.

Marantz 9 Amplifier: Serial Numbers 91266 & 91358

Original Marantz 9 Amplifiers are rare and coveted by the audiophile community in general. Units in mint condition fetch very large prices.
Offered here is a pair of vintage Marantz 9 Amplifiers in average physical condition and electrically operational.
These mono-block amplifiers have been both repaired to bring them up to operational condition. Power Supply capacitors were replaced as well as a Resistor and one Tubular Electrolytic Capacitor in the Bias Supply. The Engineer who repaired these amps found the typical issues of leaked vintage power supply capacitors, one bad tubular electrolytic and two out of tolerance power supply resistors. Minimally invasive work was performed on the Power Supply so to keep these as original as possible.
These Marantz 9 Amplifiers were bench tested, biased and operated with a Variac at 117 VAC in Pentode and Triode modes.
If you plan to connect these amps direct to the mains AC, it is recommended that all of the remaining Electrolytic Capacitors be changed as well.
The physical condition of one of the Marantz 9 amps is a 8/10 and the other is a 7/10 due to slightly more advanced tarnishing of the meter bezel, and front panel control knobs.
One of the Marantz 9 Amplifiers is missing the original front cover Marantz plate.
Both Marantz 9 Amplifiers offered here are also missing the tube heat shield barriers and also the metal cage mounting screws are missing.
Both factory original metal cages are included.

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