Bowers And Wilkins B&W 802D Diamond Speakers (latest Version)- Perfect

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  • Published date: June 2, 2024
    • Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Bowers And Wilkins B&W 802D Diamond Speakers (latest Version)- Perfect

⭕ The Bowers and Wilkins 802 Diamonds (latest model) are probably the best value high-end speakers in the world. They sound incredible. The diamond tweeters sit in Nautilus tube modules, producing the clearest high frequencies you will ever hear. The mid-range Kevlar drivers have surroundless suspension and sit in teardrop-shaped stone-hard Marlan heads, creating superbly expressive and integrated mid-frequencies. Finally, the twin Rohacell carbon fibre bass drivers are housed in curved real wood veneer cabinets with Matrix honeycomb stiffening, producing thunderous and accurate bass.

This pair is finished in beautiful rosenut. They are in perfect working order and perfect cosmetic condition, as you can see from the photos. They are 2 years old and have been seldom used (about 100hrs). Includes: speakers, grilles, manuals, jumper cables, wheels (for rolling the speakers into position), floor spikes, steel & gel soft legs (for delicate floors), transport plugs, cleaning cloths, original B&W boxes and packaging.

Each speaker weighs 85kg in its box.

Specifications: Frequency range: 27Hz - 33kHz. Drivers: 1 x 25mm diamond tweeter, 1 x 6.5 inch Kevlar midrange and 2 x 8 inch carbon fibre Rohacell bass drivers. Dimensions: H 113.5cm x D 56.3cm x W 36.8cm. Weight: 75kg each (85kg in box)

Hi-Fi Choice - Editors Choice - Sound: 96% These speakers can dramatically increase your enjoyment of hi-fi and music. Great timing, superior dynamics and a sweet top end come together to enhance musical communication, even making the unfamiliar more readily accessible.

Hi-Fi News Rating: 20/20 I will go on the record as saying that the new 802D is the best value high-end speaker in the world. Superbly built and possessing sound that can be compared with the very best, the 802D offers taught and tuneful bass with slam and authority, a transparent, clean midband and the silkiest, purest treble of practically any moving-cone speaker in existence. Its design has been imitated, but the original is best... and with the latest refinements it has simply got even better.

The Absolute Sound The 802Ds refinement, transparency, low colouration and soundstaging are nothing short of amazing... its build and finish quality are exemplary... one of the outstanding values in loudspeakers today.
HiFi+ Its not just an extremely revealing, highly capable and fabulously enjoyable speaker - its a good looking one too. There are few competitors at the price that can get close to the 802 Diamond for sheer musical thrill power.

TONEAudio The latest diamond tweeter and crossover design combine to produce a very musical speaker that handles nuance with aplomb, yet also rocks at realistic levels when the demand arises.

Home Cinema Choice Breathtaking surround and stereo performance; gorgeous design and build.

Sound + Image Australia 2013 Stereo Speakers of the Year The results were magnificent; these are speakers in front of which you can relax or listen critically for hour after hour. Images were presented in sharp relief within an extremely wide soundstage... The Diamond 802s sounded utterly musical and smooth - from top to bottom, delivering utter coherence of expression in a truly balanced soundscape. Simply put, this design takes the Nautilus concept forward into its most successful iteration yet.

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