Fujifilm X Series X100T 16.3MP Digital Camera - Black +3 Batteries

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  • Published date: April 21, 2024
    • Blackheath, London, United Kingdom

Fujifilm X Series X100T 16.3MP Digital Camera - Black +3 Batteries

⭕ I bought this camera a few months ago to use for my street photography. Ive been really happy with it and now upgrading to the x100F. The kit includes and extra 2 batteries, a 16GB SD card and a half case. The kit also comes with - strap, battery charger and manual. There is some slight wear and tear around the camera but all minor. Some scuffs on the feet of the camera (see images) but thats about it.

If youre buying it for street photography you wont be disappointed. With the silent mode, you guessed it, its silent. Its also small enough to get right up in someones face and not get noticed. Great for carrying around in your pocket. It handles low light like a dream too, better than a lot of DSLR . Ive been shooting at about 1200iso without a problem. Really amazing. This camera of course comes with the classic 35mm fixed lens, perfect for street photography again.

The built in Wifi also lets you control the camera from your phone, I found this to be a really awesome feature as I could set the camera up somewhere while having coffee or whatever and snap on the sly. Real fun.

This camera also works with triggers for your speedlights too, really amazing if youre packing light for a shoot.

The camera has had a screen protector on the back since I got it so its in great condition.

The shutter count is 7600. If you search online youll see that FujiFilm X100s over record actually shutter actuation - as doing many things on the camera will increase this count. This is from the Fuji instructions:

the approximate number of times the shutter has been released. Other actions may also increment the counter, for example turning the camera off, changing the viewfinder display selection, or choosing playback mode. Ive read accounts of people in 6 months hitting 3000, so at 7600, this is a lightly used camera.

Ive found that a battery normally lasts me a day of shooting, so its really pretty good. The other batteries that come with it are so small and light its not an issue to carry them around.

Key Features:

•16MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor (with on-sensor phase detection elements)

•35mm equivalent f/2 lens

•Hybrid EVF with 2.3m dot LCD and more advanced overlays in optical mode

•3.0 1.04m dot rear LCD (720 x 480 pixels)

•Macro shooting down to 10cm (3.9)

•Built-in Wi-Fi with remote control function

•Rear command dial

•Seven customisable buttons

•Customisable Q menu

•Built-in ND filter

•Optional electronic shutter mode (increasing maximum shutter speed to 1/32000 sec)

•Classic Chrome film simulation mode

•1080p movies at 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24fps

•Exposure control for movies

•Built-in intervalometer

•Stereo mic input (2.5mm-type)

Viewfinder improvements

Probably the biggest single change to the camera is the redesigned hybrid viewfinder. Part of X100s appeal was its clever viewfinder that had an electronic viewfinder mode or an optical mode in which shooting settings could be overlaid. The X100Ts finder gains a 2.3m dot LCD panel but also adds a darkened tab that can pop up in the optical finder, to allow projected information to be clearly seen in all lighting conditions. That tab means that the cameras Digital Split Image manual focus system can be used in conjunction with the optical viewfinder mode to give a rangefinder-like manual focus experience.

Cleverly, it has has been added without the need for any extra control points: the small lever on the front of the camera that switched to the electronic viewfinder in previous models can now also be nudged to the left to engage the in-viewfinder tab.

Added features

The X100T also adds a fully electronic shutter mode. This enables totally silent operation and increases the maximum shutter speed to an impressive 1/32000 sec. There is a risk of rolling shutter when the electronic shutter is used, so it can be turned on and off if you prefer.

Phone number ✆ 025 6099 1397
Blackheath, London

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