MBL 8011AM Monoblocks Solid State Amplifiers PAIR Amazing Amp 9011 900

  • 1700.00 £
  • Published date: June 28, 2024
    • Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

MBL 8011AM Monoblocks Solid State Amplifiers PAIR Amazing Amp 9011 900

⭕ For sale is a stereo pair of MBL 8011AM monoblocks. The most amazing amplifiers. In perfect shape with MBL slip covers and original boxes. Fully functional and lightly used in my home studio. Huge tight bass, clear perfect mid and open highs, works effortlessly to drive your speakers. This will be a most blissful home listening experience, and for those recording, mixing and mastering they will reveal all the details of the music that you need to hear. Very high quality built in Germany.

From manufacturers website:

A pure mono balanced design, each handcrafted 80111AM reflects MBLs passionate attention to every detail. From the elegant simplicity of its chassis, to its sophisticated circuitry, to its second-to-none component parts, to its enviable fit and finish.

This new A-version not only features a new optical look well adapted to the MBL reference power amplifier line, but also some technical innovations:

There are now 2 separate mono power stages built in to improve the impulse response and reduce the harmonic distortion and signal crosstalk. Offering transparency and higher quality in sound. The mbl 8011 AM is user friendly and can be operated by remote control.

Powerful output stage shows off the purity and naturalness of your music to its best advantage: from the most delicate pianissimo to the most spirited fortissimo -- its a sound experience that maintains a consistently high level of quality. Thanks to the combination of the superior materials and high-quality technology you have come to expect from MBL, the music reproduction is so lively and fresh that you will be fascinated by the wonderfully impressive sound. Even the slightest interference created by the power conduction is successfully eliminated by the ingenious ground plane layout, giving the acoustic pattern its incomparable purity and sound precision. But most of all, the 8011AM reflects MBLs love of music. We view our equipment as a means to a musical end, not the end in itself. When placed in the context of a complete MBL system, one designed to play as a whole, the 8011AM, like a master sorcerer, will bring your favorite music to life. The only thing better is the live event.

Phone number ✆ 01522 184255
Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire

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