Mercury HD5000 Video Digital Projector

  • 1300.00 £
  • Published date: September 21, 2023
    • Kingham, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Mercury HD5000 Video Digital Projector

⭕ The Digital Projection Mercury 5000HD is am amazing machine. It has never been carried around in a commercial environment, and works perfectly.

This is a THREE CHIP DLP engine.

It is important to know that the THREE chip engine produces much sharper and brighter colors with zero morey effect vs. the single chip DLP projectors. This is critical knowledge as the three chip engine is CONSIDERABLY more expensive than the single ship engines. AND there is NO color wheel to fail or create other problems. All commercial theater DLP projectors use three chip engines.

Digital Projections MERCURY 5000HD provides the legendary 3-chip DLP™ performance in a cost-effective, sleek chassis. The 1280 x 720 native resolution (720P full HD) MERCURY 5000HD produces 4,500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of >1200:1. The projectors contrast can be nearly doubled by employing one of Digital Projections optional high contrast lenses. Each of the projectors .8-inch Dark Metal DMDs has a grayscale depth of 14-bits, which together create more than four trillion on-screen colors.

The rugged and incredibly functional MERCURY 5000HD is the ideal solution for commercial A/V, Fortune 1000, education, retail, worship, broadcast, command and control, immersive visualization, public displays and dynamic home media.

Total time on the projector - 2296 hours

Time used on BOTH lamps is 275. Lamps WILL time out at 1100 hours.

Filter cleaning at 276 (Clean filter based on environment and at minimum at each lamp change.)

It is a dual lamp system which can be used in either single, alternating single, or dual mode. I always used it in DUAL mode as I needed the brightness due to my screen size.

The 5000HD Mercury projector in MY theater was featured in Home Theater Magazine in June 2010. There are two photos attached in this listing that were used in the magazine article.

Remote control included along with CD specifications and owners manual.

The screen that I use is a 16X9 FOOT Stewart Studiotek 130. Using the projector in the DUAL lamp mode on a screen this large allowed me to get 16 foot lamberts (Theater Standard) off the screen. My theater is ambient light controlled. If you use this projector on a smaller screen, you may not have to use it in the dual lamp configuration in effect doubling the lamp life.

All accessories are packed with the unit, including the remote control. The DVI cable is NOT being shiped with this unit, but a HDMI to DVI adapter is. Most commercial projectors still use DVI (Digitial Video Interface) rather than a HDMI input as these projectors HAVE NO AUDIO. I ran HDMI out of various BluRay DVD players via HDMI cables of various lengths and then used the DVI converter at the projector. Works perfectly.

You should not take the bullet proof quality of this projector lightly. It is not a toy and is desiged for occasional or high demand use. The lens on the projector has motorized zoom, and lens shift. If the projector is anywhere in a parrallel line with the screen (not above or below) Ketstone adjustments are not needed. Just standard lens shift via the remote will work.

I cannot emphsize this enough, the picture that this projector throws, through the DVI input, the Component input I used (for satellite), orthe SVHS laser disc input will put a picture on a screen that will blow you away.

The lens is a telephoto 1.2-1.44:1. The projector was located 276 (roughly 23 feet) from my 16X9 FOOT screen and of course filled the screen perfectly as the native aspect ratio of the Mercury is 16X9.

This is not a toy.


BIOS version 1.0

Firmaware 1.08.HD2

Data Version 1.11H101

Phone number ✆ 07773 529566

Kingham, Oxfordshire

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