Rega HiFi Turntable Vinyl System RP8 Apheta Elicit R PMC Aria Isotek S

  • 2400.00 £
  • Published date: May 25, 2024
    • Aylesford, Kent, United Kingdom

Rega HiFi Turntable Vinyl System RP8 Apheta Elicit R PMC Aria Isotek S

⭕ Turntable - Rega RP8 Turntable with Rega Apheta cartridge . In original box and it will be safely returned to that box when you come to pick this up. It has the official Rega Power supply unit.

Pre Amplifier - Rega Aria . It can be used as a pre-amp for either Moving Magnet (MM) or Moving Coil (MC) but it is specifically designed to work in harmony with the RP8 and Apheta (MC) cartridge....

Amplifier - Rega Elicit R in Black + Original Remote Controt it comes with the original Rega Remote Control.

Power Conditioner - Isotek Sigmas EVO3 in Black . After hearing the difference this little beauty made to my system it was a no brainer to have this on both systems. I originally thought these things were pointless. I was wrong. The EVO3 brought my system alive....Do go to the Isotek website and take a look, once you have heard your system with one of these in the middle of it there is no going back.

Power Cable - Isotek Elite 3 Metres and specifically for this set-up as the usual length is only 2 metres. It cost £410 but is worth every penny, I have a shorter one on my downstairs unit as I didnt need the extra length. Mated specifically to the Isotek Sigmas EVO3 it is just the icing on the cake.

Wall Mounted Speakers - PMC Wafer 2 in White Oh boy these things are beautiful and so versatile. Because they are wall mounted they take up no floor space. I had three sets of custom Grilles made for mine (two of the beautiful Kate Bush - One set in Black and White and one set in Colour - they might be for sale separately and another set of pictures taken by my daughter) so if you have a specific photograph you want on your wall you can get them made. These will come with the original white grilles.

Hi Fi Stand - Oak - Podium Reference by HiFi Racks Ltd. -
5 tier - in light oak. I ordered this to exactly fit the system I was looking to build. HiFi Racks Podium Reference is the state of the art Hi Fi Stand. This is so beautiful and strong. The reason I went for this system over the plethora of alternatives is that it is designed to take heavyweight units. So not only is it brilliant but it was specifically built to fit the system you are buying. It is also easy to add to so if you have a CD player in mind you can get new shelves easily made. I will supply you with the dimensions and HiFi racks can make additional shelves, I have had three made now and they are truly superb.

Tuner / Network Audio streamer - Marantz NA 7004 Black + Original Remote Control
This upgraded internet / network tuner is just terrific, it has been officially upgraded to Apple Airplay as well which was extra. I use it hardwired to my PC system and it rarely gets off Classic FM or Spotify... but you can play anything off your system with streaming.

There is also 8 metres of Chord Odyssey2 Cable which retails at £25 per metre and quality Gold Banana plugs.
I will also include all of the chord interconnects.

Phone number ✆ 07624 337600
Aylesford, Kent

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