Stunning Coincident Technology Total Victory III Speakers

  • 1800.00 £
  • Published date: May 21, 2024
    • Godstone, Surrey, United Kingdom

Stunning Coincident Technology Total Victory III Speakers

⭕ Stunning Coincident Technology Total Victory III Speakers in full working order

Superbly engineered, large, powerful and beautiful sounding floorstanders, the IIIs very rarely come up for sale.

Quite simply, one of the best loudspeakers we have ever heard. Very easy to drive yet capable of handling up to 500W so perfect for either SET or powerful SS amps and surprisingly easy to position.

The cabinets are in good condition, free from damage, with just a few minor surface marks and scratches.

The drive units are all in full working order and good condition with some light marks to the domed units

Each enclosure holds four 8-inch woofers on one side panel, while the front baffle holds two 3-inch midrange drivers, two 6.5-inch midbass drivers and a planar ribbon tweeter. The tweeter is a new version of the isodynamic unit used in previous designs. The midrange drivers are silk dome, midbass drivers are paper-treated, while the woofers are made with paper-treated fibre. The drivers are arranged in a Dappolito configuration. As in most other models, Blume has employed a minimalistic first order crossover with only one Mundorf capacitor and a couple of proprietary inductors (for midrange and bass drivers) in the signal path. It is, in actuality, a tricky arrangement, only possible when the various drivers are of the same efficiency. Coincident claims that the impedance curve is as flat as it can be, and that the speakers are absolutely phase coherent electrically and acoustically. If you have a great single-ended or push-pull tube amplifier, these TVs are made for you. If you dont own a good amplifier, try a transistor radio: It will drive them! With a sensitivity rating of 97dB watt/metre and a stable impedance of 8 ohms, almost any low-powered amplifier will get these speakers excited enough to play back ear-bleeding volume levels. However, my listening experiments indicated that these loudspeakers can handle powerful solid-state amplifiers just as well. Frequency response is from 24Hz to 35kHz; impedance never drops below 6 or exceeds 10 ohms; power requirements are from 3 watts to 500 watts .

Phone number ✆ 07911 842059
Godstone, Surrey

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