Koi Fish Beginners Guide

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Koi Fish Beginners Guide

⭕ Koi Fish Beginners Guide!

How long do koi live?
Koi carp are among the most long lived of domestic fish when kept within an appropriate environment, and should be considered as a lifelong pet. The commonly accepted average age for a well kept domestic koi is around 50 years, however, it is not unheard of for koi to live to over 100 years -- and even over 200 years in one well documented case!

How large do koi grow?
Koi carp can grow very large, given enough time and the right environment, potentially reaching over three feet in length! They are also fast growing, and will soon outgrow a pond that is too small for them, leading to potential health problems.

From information we have been able to gather, we understand that a Koi will shed up to 36 sets of teeth during their lifespan .. it would seem Mother Nature got something right where teeth are concerned .. wouldnt it be super if she had allowed the Human species on this planet Earth, to also have 36 sets of teeth .. !!

Are koi carp expensive?
There is no one answer to how much koi carp cost, as prices vary greatly. Small, young koi carp for the pet market can be picked up for under £10 each, while mature specimens that have reached a large size and have particularly desirable colors and markings often change hands for tens of thousands of pounds -- and sometimes even more! However, for the beginner koi keeper, the cost of your first koi carp should be well within your budget.

Koi Pond Beginners Guide:

Koi ponds come in many shapes and sizes, from the relatively modest sized pond that may hold mixed collection of koi carp and Goldfish, through to ponds of many thousands of gallons, stocked only with top quality Japanese Koi. Many Koi keepers started their interest by introducing a few Koi carp into a small, pre-formed plastic pond to provide a colourful addition to their Goldfish. How ever, whilst you may have some success in ponds like this, there is no doubt that the koi will not achieve their full potential.

There are several drawbacks to Koi keeping in small ponds: the water temperature and chemical composition are prone to sudden changes which is not good for Koi, the size of the Koi is limited by the buildup of waste in the water and the shape of the Koi is likely to be affected by a limited swimming area and a lack of depth. Having accepted that there are problems with very small shallow ponds we can now take a look at the requirements for purpose built Koi ponds.

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