• 2500.00 £
  • Published date: August 22, 2023
    • Greenfield, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


⭕ I have agreed to sell a collection of faux Tiffany Studios lamps. These lamps were purchased over many years by a wealthy collector. This collection of approximately 18 lamps were purchased by this collector for over $1.3 million dollars. These lamps were sold as legitimate first period Tiffany Studios lamps. These lamps are not that, but later 20th century reproductions. These copies, themselves, are not the cheap imitations that one often sees in these lamps, but very accurate forgeries that were made to sell as legitimate Tiffany Studios lamps circa 1910. Many of these lamps incorporate real Tiffany glass in their making. I have agreed to sell these lamps at no reserve. Some of these bases may be legitimate Tiffany Studios bases. None of the shades in my opinion are legitimate. Some of the bases maybe correct, but I am not sure of that either. So I am selling these lamps as spurious copies, not period lamps. It measures 31 inches or 79 cm high to the top of the finial, and the shade has a diameter of 22 inches or 56 cm. The shade is composed of 1,000 or so leaded glass pieces. The glass here is very convincing, and has many pieces of confetti glass used by Tiffany. Some of the glass used in making this lamp is probably legitimate Tiffany Studios glass that the maker incorporated into the shade. The shade is marked TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK, on a long 2 1/2 inch tab inside the shade. The shade has at the top a 1 inch or 2.5 cm deep fitter.

The heavy bronze base is telescoping. This so one can move the shade up so that when totally extended the lamp is 35 inches or 89 cm high( note; as shown in the pictures the telescoping device is lowered all the way). The lamp has 6 sockets, all of them are antique and are all signed WEBER. The base sits on 4 feet and the bottom of the base is reticulated. One of these bottom feet is stamped TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 397. The lamp has its original cap which fits over the 5 inch fitter at the top of the shade. The patina of the base is dark chocolate brown with green verdigris.

The overall condition is excellent. There is some variations to the patina on the base, and there are a dozen or so small cracks in some of the leaded glass. By the way the leading here is all copper leading.

Phone number ✆ 01865 228769
Greenfield, Oxfordshire

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