Buccaneer Ejection/Ejector Seat Chair Martin Baker Mk.6

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  • Published date: May 18, 2024
    • Walsingham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Buccaneer Ejection/Ejector Seat Chair Martin Baker Mk.6

⭕ The Mk.6MSB was fitted to the Buccaneer jet, which was used by both RAF and Royal Navy. This seat in particular was fitted to XV157 which flew first with the Royal Navy from 28/6/1966, including operating from the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle (where its was coded 107/E) and RAF squadrons from 02/7/1969. XV157 was upgraded to the Buccaneer S.Mk.2B specification in 68/69, and sadly scrapped in Oct 1991, at which point this seat was removed and converted to a training seat.

The Mk.6MSB ejection seat was a true Zero/Zero design. Martin Baker had developed the rocket assisted ejection principle as early as 1961, using a modified Martin Baker Mk.4 ejection seat. This system, which has become the basis of ejection seat technology to the present day, ensures that even with no forward speed or safe altitude for a normal parachute ejection, the rocket assist will allow the seat occupant to reach a safe height before being separated from the seat and completing a safe parachute descent.

The ejector seat has been cleaned and securely mounted in a stainless steel frame, making it a truly remarkable chair. As with all Military, Naval and Air Force items, it has history, and for that reason it has been kept in its original authentic condition; parts are original to the chair, including straps, parachute, seat cushion etc. Paintwork has been kept as the original. Rockets are present, with the pitch rockets (under seat) painted blue to show safe for training use. No cartridge fitted to rockets.

As you would expect with a seat of this age, it has dents, scratches and some buckling at the lower rear, but otherwise is in good condition.

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