Flat For Sale: Flat 48,5 M2 - Gliwice, Trynek, Silesia - Poland

  • 45000.00 £
  • Published date: May 12, 2024
    • Oakham, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Flat For Sale: Flat 48,5 M2 - Gliwice, Trynek, Silesia - Poland

⭕ Flat in very good condition.
After general renovations inside and outside the building.
Everything new.
It is located in a very quiet and calm district.
Near shops, shop E. Leclerc, Shell, bus stops, kindergarten, primary school, schools, parks, playground, church,
airport, garages (available for an additional fee), gardens.
Possibility to park your car in front of the flat.
Very soon you can get to the city center.
Renovated and full of colours buildings nearby the flat.
Elevations of buildings (including elevation of the flat) were covered thick styrofoam and painted.
Inside the flat there is also styrofoam on the walls and warm floor with fibreboard, LECA - kerosene.
No moisture, mold and fungus in the apartment. Walls, ceilings and floors are dry.
All windows in the apartment are plastic - in golden oak color (outside), white (inside).
All windows have external (brown) blinds with security and interior window sills (white with gold scales) and external (brown).
The apartment is insulated from the outside as well as inside,
so thermal bridges are negligible its much easier to keep the flat in good condition
and save the money on the heating specially in the winter.
All doors (inside the flat and on the exterior of the hallway - entrance door to the apartment) are new.
All things in the bathroom are new: cabin, bathroom, basin with cabinet, washbasin, mirror, LED lights.
All things in the kitchen are new: Bosch refrigerator, Bosch induction hob, granite sink, bottom and top cabinets.
The large, built-in three-door wardrobe in the second room will make a lot of room.
The apartment has a basement and a garden just outside the window available.
You can sit down in the summer, make a barbecue and serve drinks through the window.

Property size: 48,5 m2

Heating in the apartment: Austrian Infrared Heating (panels placed on the ceiling)
with bimetal thermoregulators in every room (located on the walls).
Temperature control (5 - 30 degrees). When the infrared panels warm up the room to the indicated temperature
on the thermoregulator (or thermostat) will turn off and only when the temperature
starts to decrease again will the heating start (it saves current).
Infrared panels can stay warm for a long time after turn them off and keep warm to the flat for a long time.
Very quickly (within a few seconds) they turn on and heat, so they were not hanged on the walls (due to security)
only on the ceiling.
Infrared panels including infrared light is used in healing for rheumatism, for the treatment of various diseases,
incubation of babies, treatment of animals, faster healing of wounds, accelerated incubation of bird eggs, help in cancer treatment, etc..
It has a number of positive uses that prevent various diseases in humans and animals.
Their high efficiency and high temperature could cause problems if the adult
or the child body falls on the panel.
Do not touch them when they are turned on.
You can put your hand lightly to the panel and see if they work, but never touch them when they are turned on.
The energy demand for heating the whole apartment was earlier calculated and on this basis were chosen
and bought Austrian Infrared Panels from here they are heating the whole apartment.
An important advantage of the infrared panels is their energy efficiency and that they operate
on the basis of solar radiation (it is the same radiation).
This in turn causes the killing of bacteria, fungi, mold and spores in the air, walls, floors, ceilings, objects...
Thanks to them, you can avoid future problems with mold, fungus, moisture, etc.
When it comes to cleaning the panels it is enough to wipe them with a dry cloth or slightly dampened cloth and then by dry cloth.
Infrared panels can not be painted with paint or any other means, as they may damage them.
The warranty for the infrared panels is 30 years.
About infrared heating you can also find full information on the Internet.
Just type in Google: Infrared Heating
It is possible to switch off / on the thermostats at any time or at any time, as needed.
Possibility to completely switch off / turn on the electricity in the apartment (good option for frequent travelers).
Newer current meter in the apartment.
The water meter is located in the apartment.
All the wires in the walls new, copper.
Pipes bringing water to the bathroom cabin - copper.

The cost of heating the whole apartment in winter: depending on the use: 270 zł per month
The cost of heating the whole apartment in summer: depending on the use: 80 - 100 zł per month

Rooms: 2
Separate kitchen: 1
Bathroom: 1
Hallway: 1

The apartment is not indebted.
It has a Land and Mortgage Register and only one owner.
In the near future in the apartment building will be replaced door instead of wooden for aluminum.
The apartment has an intercom.

It is possible to make an appointment (I prefer by phone) for a meeting to see the apartment.
If you want to see photos in more detail, it is possible to copy them to your computer and zoom them with your mouse on your computer photos browser.

Price: 45000 EUR - to negotiate
Tel .: (+48) 515866399
Payment: based on the contract of sale of the apartment between buyer and seller with their signatures and date.
I dont accept installment payments and checks.

Phone number ✆ 0116 180 9047
Oakham, Leicestershire

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