New! Hi Tech - Designer Headstones - Stained Glass, High Quality - General For Sale - By Dealer

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  • Published date: June 17, 2024
    • Chalfont St Giles, London, United Kingdom

New! Hi Tech - Designer Headstones - Stained Glass, High Quality - General For Sale - By Dealer

⭕ Hi Tech - Designer Headstones - Tombstone Made in USA - Stained Glass
Miami, FL -- Millennium Headstones Corp., is introducing a brand new concept to the worlds industry that has not changed for decades, especially in terms of High-Tech innovations. Introducing the world first high-tech Headstone: a product that has more advantages than traditional headstones is high quality, more innovative, cheaper than traditional headstone products and custom-made in USA. Our manufacturing process produces very little carbon emissions in comparison to traditional headstone manufacturing, in a world where global warming becomes a pressing issue and where we need to reduce the overall output of carbon emission. Furthermore our product is made for 90% out of natural resources (Plasmacor, a patented material), which is a renewable resource and environmentally friendly. The headstones have a cutting edge composite surface technology that is impervious to mildew, stains, cracks, fading or brittle, is very impact resistant and extremely durable, keeping an all-year round brilliant shine, while giving the possibility of easy repair of damaged headstones. The headstone is lightweight between 60-350 pounds, in comparison a similar size in regular stone would weigh 5000 pounds, and this allows for low shipping fees all over the world, also the installation is very easy, secure and requires no heavy duty equipment. We are creating a product that is truly customizable and therefor giving everyone a chance to own their unique created memories, items ranging from large custom designed stained glass - which is impact proof - to custom pictures that are translucent, choices over coloring of letters for the engraving, trim color, and nameplates for the front and back, with the option to be removable. One of our popular models is the designer Rectangular Upright Headstone in Onyx Moonstone with an unique designed Stained Glass, and engraved name plate with inlayed letters, with an optional back nameplate. It is important to note that the Tiffany-Style Glass Art is customizable, and can be made to your personal design choice, also do you have the option to have a designed photo picture instead. Details: Type: Rectangular Upright Headstone Color Choices: Onyx Moonstone or Black. Dimensions of the TOP part: 45 High, 30 Wide and 8 Deep Dimensions of the BASE part: 8 High, 20 Wide and 42 Deep Stained-Glass Art: 24 High x 18 Wide Weight: 350 lbs. Asking Price: USD $2900 Additional Options: Back Nameplate + $250 The delivery time is up to 30 days, all orders include unlimited final design drafts, no extra charge for engraving, assembly, or packing. Shipping is not included, and will be arranged for the buyer. All orders require a down payment of 25-50%, with possible arrangements on monthly payments for the balance, with no additional interest. All our products have these advantages over traditional headstones: => Lightweight Composite Material:Lightweight Composite Material that is Extremely Durable, advantages like Inexpensive Shipping, and Easy Installation. => In-Expensive Headstones:Our Headstones are more affordable then regular ones, with more features and advantages. => Extremely Durable Material: The Composite Material was developed with technology from the Aviation and Boating Industry to withstand extreme conditions. => No Maintenance Required: Our headstones will stay Year around beautiful, needs virtually no maintenance. Furthermore are they installed solid in the ground and will not shift or tilt ever. => Hi-Tech Headstones: Headstones made from Hi-Tech Composite Materials, With Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Polyester, which allows Endless possibilities for more innovative options. => Virtually No Pollution: Our manufacturing methods create very little pollution, while regular Headstone manufacturing creates a high amount of pollution like CO2 emission. => Remove-able Name Plate: Remove-able name plate is a feature which allows many different design possibilities, and styles, also an advantage for easy changes. => Renewable Resource Material: Our Headstone uses a patented material, Plasmacor that uses 95% renewable resources, and also includes granite in powder form. => Quick Headstone Order Processing: We are capable of processing an order for a Headstone within 3-4 weeks, ready and deliverable. => Manufactured Domestically & Local: We manufacture our products entirely domestically, and expanding locally for easy service and quality guarantee. => Only Real Green Headstone: Our Headstones are truly Green, manufactured from renewable resources, and 100% recyclable. All our Headstones have eternity warranty, are brand new, and all statements about our product are guaranteed. Disclaimer: Check with your local cemetery for the opportunity to place this monument on your grave site and for any extra fees for placement, installation, inspections fees, or perpetual care fees which are not part of the purchase price of the monument. Should you have any questions E-mail me, or call or and I will do best to answer your questions.
Thank you for your interest,
Marco Burlet, President, Millennium Headstones Corp. For more information and questions related to the products please visit our website at:

Also international shipping is inexpensive, much less then a regular granite memorial.

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