Yamaha RZ500 Motorcycles

  • 3500.00 £
  • Published date: July 11, 2024
    • Milford On Sea, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Yamaha RZ500 Motorcycles

⭕ Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase the largest known horde of Yamaha RZ500 parts and bikes.

The bike is built entirely of Aluminum and based on the specification of Wayne Ranies YZR500. The frame has been polished and clear powder coated. The bike has all quality components such as Brembo, Marchesini, Ollins, carbon fiber front and rear fenders, an adjustable position single sided swing arm has been polished and clear powder coated.

· RZ500 street bike, very low mileage (4-5K estimated). Comes with GA title. Front end, brakes and wheels off FZR1000. Jolly Motto GP style pipes, Beaver filter kit (not shown in photos), Wynn Belaruski rear sets, battery eliminator, brand new YPVS controller and steel brake lines. Im sure there are lots more goodies on the bike that I havent mentioned. I also have an R6 front end and swing arm which I intended to put on the bike which are being sold as part of the collection.

· Several fuel injections systems are included which I intended to adapt to the RZ500s.

· Frame and engine for serial number 4 bike, the 4th RZ500 ever built. This is super rare and potentially extremely valuable and most likly worth the auction starting price alone. The bike with serial number 1 was reportedly on sale in Europe for €50,000.

· Brand new YZR500 fairing purchased from Air-Tech for around $1,500 at the time was to be mounted on the Pegasus frame although it could be put on a standard frame also.

· Parts. Way, way way too many to list individually but here are a few highlights. Refer to the photos or contact me if you need more information regarding them.

1. 20-30 cylinders

2. 6-10 cranks including a brand new rebuilt set which have been built with TZ components, welded and polished.

3. 8-10 frames, forks and swing arms including some RZV forks

4. 10-20 wheels and tires

5. Case of carburetors

6. Frame components (bird cages, sub frames)

7. Engines and cases (all have some components removed)

8. 8-15 transmissions

9. Large case full of electrical and electronic components

10. Large case fill of radiators and cooling components including an R7 and Ducati radiator.

11. Case full of new or near new not previously for sale parts intended for OEM my restoration of #4

12. Case full of brand new and mostly unavailable parts such as seals and gaskets.

13. Aftermarket decals sets

14. Bodywork including a couple of brand new pieces

15. Thousands of OEM fasteners

16. 8-10 instrument clusters

17. New complete aftermarket fuel injection system plus Suzuki and Kawasaki systems.

Phone number ✆ 07480 760147

Milford On Sea, Hampshire

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