Selmer MK VI Tenor Saxophone...

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  • Published date: July 12, 2024
    • Ansty, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Selmer MK VI Tenor Saxophone...

⭕ The Lacquer finish is absolutely original and the engraving is deep and sharp and original as well.The neck is in beautiful untouched original condition.I bought this horn from the original owner and the original case opened like a time capsule.These horns have a unique balance of attributes.They are the first VIs to have a really modern feeling of power for cutting through louder bands,at the same time they retain the warm darker core to the sound that is the reason Selmers are preferred by pros even now.
This particular instrument has a wildness to the sound when pushed.It is inherently a darker core,but the edge to the sound has a fat woody buzz to it and is a bit aggressive.If you play a Berg Larsen on this horn is will be very aggressive,but with an Otto Link it will become very fat and big.Within the 80xxx serial numbered horns I have tried this one of the more pretty sounding horns,very nice for ballads and subtleties.It is also loud, but just has more subtle beauty at lower and mid volumes than some of them,which seem to be 100% geared towards very loud volumes and do not have that beauty.
In terms of the response,this horn is 100% Selmer.In order to produce the complexity of sound it does have a little bit of resistance for a skilled player to push against.If you play an Otto Link you can work against this subtle resistance to push the horn.If you play a very bright or powerful piece like a Berg Larsen or stronger,you may overcome this and not feel it at all,and it will be very very loud.When pushed the horn becomes more aggressive and the tone changes slightly.The low end is very big and woody sounding,and the high end,and altissimo is exceedingly open (bigger feeling),more than many other horns I have played.Every horn has a unique character.
In terms of condition,it has been played and should continue to be played.The finish is original,but there are scratches and there have been minor bumps over the years.Some very small cosmetic issues have been smoothed out,and there was a very minor bend in the bell lip which was also smoothed out masterfully by Ernie Sola.You can see some evidence in the lacquer on the lip,but it is so subtle I tried to show it in photos but could not get it to show well.The neck has never been bent or damaged.There is a minor bump to the edge of the bottom brace on the bow as shown.So,it is a used horn,please expect that cosmetically it will not be absolutely perfect,but the photos at least try to show most of any cosmetic issues that remain.If you are looking for cosmetic perfection,look elsewhere,this is a very nice looking players horn,not destined for the closet or museum.
The pads are new,the resonators are original metal,the last Selmer made,changing to plastic after this period.The keys are tight and freely moving.The horn has been gone over professionally and is not leaking and ready for professional music making.It should not need anything at all for many years to come.Original Selmer case included.

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Ansty, Wiltshire

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