World's #1 Rated Beach Just $600US/month!

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  • Published date: March 18, 2024
    • Wilton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

World's #1 Rated Beach Just $600US/month!

⭕ Tony runs an upscale hostel with shared dorm rooms and private rooms. The place is very clean and his other guests were very considerate (quiet). The price is right and Tony is a great host.

Thats one of the reviews for my AirBnB listings here in sunny Sarasota, FL. As stated above, I run an upscale hostel designed to serve working class people and budget vacationers. These listings arent for everyone. They arent designed to be permanent housing, yearly rentals, or world class luxury. They are designed to save your hard earned money. Our beaches take care of world class luxury on their own. My listings are for 30 day stays 5 minutes from the worlds #1 rated beach and Especially Great for people who wish to save money to get ahead(Its expensive out there). These are also great for people new to or who want to move to Sarasota that need the time and flexibility to find the right place instead of rushing into a lease.

The following listing is for a hostel style bunk bed in a large shared room, not for private rooms. I only have a small number of these, so they do go on a first come first serve basis and typically rent fast. The bunk beds are brand new and all beds have double mattresses, so they are very comfortable.

Parking - Parking for the bunk listings is only guaranteed available between 6pm and 7am every day at a lot 6 houses down from mine. County Law limits me to 4 cars per driveway and the driveway is full already, so parking is only guaranteed again between 6pm and 7am. Most days the house is empty during the day, when that is so you are welcome to park here, but often if you need to stay at the house during the day your best bet will be to park at a large close lot like Publix(5 minutes walking)

This listing comes with some terrific benefits compared to your normal ad if youve rented via before:
- Live-in housekeeper - Jamie cleans all common areas, bathrooms, and sweeps and mops all rooms 3 times per week! Live like a King/Queen - never scrub a floor, counter, tub, or bathroom and still live in perfect cleanliness.
- Absolute freedom to come and go when you please - You will have your own code to the electronic lock on the door, and you will be able to come and go any time of day or night unrestricted. No complaints here if you want to live your life.
- Incredibly Reliable Internet - I have a high-speed business class 15 device router. I play a video game where if your character dies one time; hes dead forever! I make sure internet stays TIGHT.
- It is my job to manage guest relations - I make sure everyone stays happy and gets along, so you never have to dance around any weird roommate issues!
- I have desks and tables set up throughout the house so guests may set up computers and tablets anytime comfortably.
- Guaranteed quiet time after 9pm for good solid rest.
- No screaming children, no smelly pets (not that I dont love both!).
- A good review to start your stay on AirBnB with, which is actually the best tool in the universe for traveling the world affordably and with quality.
- Take a look at my listing on AirBnB if you like. You will see I have a bucket load of great reviews and all happy guests, you will enjoy your stay here and achieve all your goals.

I also have private rooms available starting at $1500/month that are suitable for up to 4 people and one car. Dedicated driveway space is included with private rooms.

Tired of falling behind instead of getting ahead? Tired of that gloomy grey sky(Im from Nassau)? Shoot me a call today with questions or come on by to take a look. I look forward to speaking with you.

P.S. - SPF 50-80. Dont say I didnt tell you so. ;)

Tony with the Going Sunny

Phone number ✆ 07715 669136
Wilton, Wiltshire

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