Are You Looking For Chelsea V Arsenal Tickets - Genuine Advice

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  • Published date: April 10, 2024
    • Skelton, Durham, United Kingdom

Are You Looking For Chelsea V Arsenal Tickets - Genuine Advice

⭕ I have bought / sold tickets for a long time on and I am aware many people from all over the world will be traveling to London this weekend hoping to secure tickets

However there are very few genuine people left who actually have tickets as the regulars on here have just about sold out

Therefore most (but not all) replies you receive will be from scammers who do not have tickets but want your dollars

Please read the following list - most local people are already aware of these scams so this post is really advice for our visitors who are less likely to be aware of these well known scams


1. Tickets can be collected from my address in Plymouth, Devon (or an address in Sutherland, Scotland)

2. I will invoice you via please complete details below (later mails will have Russian text in the mail headers)

3. You can collect my season tickets from a location near Wembley (reply from Jessica then Whatsapp messaged from a male)

4. I am on my honeymoon (cant believe this one still going!!)

OK, if you hear any of the above you have been warned - save your money - they are all well known scammers!!

Please note I do not have any tickets for sale - genuine advice is that the very few people who do have tickets only still have them as their asking price is so high (£400+) The English Premier League is an expensive hobby

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