Chelsea V Arsenal Tickets READ FOR ADVICE

  • 9999.00 £
  • Published date: April 2, 2024
    • Howden, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Chelsea V Arsenal Tickets READ FOR ADVICE

⭕ Alot of people on here selling tickets for Chelsea v Arsenal. A guy has listed a post claiming a group of Nigerian scammers are working on here, maybe they are however his listing points out to avoid If have received the following reply when querying about tickets

Sorry on the late reply been working only just got back to hotel now as working away and accessed wifi with my laptop to check as my mobile is currently in for repair thanks still available however got a lot of emails whats your location mate sold 1st served basis whom confirms first thanks. As in my listing im working away hence sale currently in a small town named Keith in sunny Scotland for 6 weeks which is making it difficult.

I received this email when I purchased two tickets on Saturday, as you can imagine i then seen the persons post warning about receiving the above email and instantly panicked as anyone would thinking i had been scammed. However this morning I received the tickets and had them verified after seeing the post and everything is legit, certainly didnt come from Nigeria as had Scottish stamps on. He is diverting people away from a genuine seller and into the path of actual scammers as this person is a genuine seller and sold on here many times. So be careful hes saying this so people contact him then claiming he has tickets and hes the actual scammer beware hes acting like hes helping people but he hasnt a clue really as the person isnt from Nigeria. Think about it the email is clear English and not broken says it all really. Hope this helps people dont miss out on legit tickets because of some idiot whos trying to look like hes helping but is taking peoples money himself by trying to divert away from genuine sellers and to him. If it was true what hes posted dont you think there would be several people all posting regarding this? But no there isnt there is only him which confirms the lie. Dont be fooled more than happy to answer any questions people may have or advise best. Ive posted this incase people have received that reply to know that the person has genuine tickets as i learned when got mine in the post this morning and dont be scammed elsewhere.Thank you for reading.

Phone number ✆ 07547 772272
Howden, East Yorkshire

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