Chelsea V Arsenal Tickets

  • 75.00 £
  • Published date: May 13, 2024
    • Eskdale Green, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Chelsea V Arsenal Tickets


I have used many times when buying or selling tickets and this is 100% genuine advice for anyone looking for Chelsea v Arsenal tickets as the number of listings from fraudsters seems to be at the highest level I have ever seen for this match (and no I am not saying this to steer anyone away from one seller to another & I dont have tickets to sell hence I have been looking for tickets for myself)

Please be aware if you receive the following reply when enquiring about tickets as it is from a well known group of scammers who are based in Nigeria & not Keith in Scotland as stated (although the location periodically changes to Penzance or some other location a long way from London to encourage you to pay in advance for tickets to be posted to avoid a long journey to collect)

The e mail is as follows...

Afternoon mate

Sorry on the late reply been working only just got back to hotel now as working away and accessed wifi with my laptop to check as my mobile is currently in for repair thanks still available however got a lot of emails whats your location mate sold 1st served basis whom confirms first thanks. As in my listing im working away hence sale currently in a small town named Keith in sunny Scotland for 6 weeks which is making it difficult.


Dont travel out to a location around Wembley to purchase season cards having been sent proof usually via Whatsapp - this is a well known scammer - the cards are fake and most people who are regularly on here know of Elliot the Scammer so it is usually our visitors from US / Japan / China / Oz etc who fall for this - please dont pay to use fake season cards!!


Some absolute plonker over at Bethnal Green is selling A4 size e mail type tickets for this match - now these are most obviously fake as Chelsea do not issue tickets via e mail for either end - Home or Away (in fact they are so obviously fake anyone would be a right mug to fall for that one!)


Someone has responded to this by posting a listing stating that they paid for & received tickets from the source in Keith (which had changed to Penzance last time I heard) - no they didnt!! The post was made by the same group of Nigerian scum bags who posted the listing in the first place - Western Union, Skrill, my arse!

Anyway good luck finding tickets they are about (usually £250 and up Im afraid) but if no luck would be better to watch it in the pub anyway knowing you havent been turned over!!

Phone number ✆ 01228 405191
Eskdale Green, Cumbria

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