(for Sale) Black Desert Online EUAccount Ranger Lvl 60+much More

  • 1.00 £
  • Published date: May 11, 2023
    • Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom

(for Sale) Black Desert Online EUAccount Ranger Lvl 60+much More

⭕ (for Sale) Black Desert Online EU Endgame Account Ranger Lvl 60, Full boss gear, 2bill silver (12b) Asset Value+more

Hello, This listing is for a Black desert online account on EU servers. This account was purchased when the game first launched last March, I am selling this account as i no longer have the time to play this amazing game. I have 2 billion liquid silver to use on upgrades if needed and a total Asset Value of around 12-15 Billion with everything included across all storages and characters.
Total energy : 466
Total Contribution Points : 305
Remaining days left on value pack = 160 days
Lvl 60 Ranger (Awakened) -- 2 Pearl shop outfits -- Tri Kzarka -- Tri dandelion -- Duo Steel Dagger Lvl 58 Musa (Awakened) -- 3 Pearl shop outfits -- Tri Kzarka -- Tri dandelion -- Tri White Bow Lvl 56 Berserker (Awakened) -- 2 Pearl shop outfits -- +12 Kzarka -- +14 dandelion -- Duo Nouver Lvl 56 Warrior (Awakened) -- 1 Pearl shop outfit -- Duo Liverto -- Duo Mercenarys Steel Sword Lvl 56 Ninja (Awakened) -- 2 Pearl shop outfits -- Tri Kzarka -- Duo dandelion -- Duo Rosar Lvl 56 Kunoichi (Awakened) -- 2 Pearl shop outfits -- Tri Kzarka -- Tri dandelion -- Duo Rosar Lvl 56 Valkyrie (Awakened) -- 2 Pearl shop outfits -- Duo Kzarka -- Tri dandelion -- Duo Kutum Lvl 50 Tamer (Not Awakened) Lvl 40 Sorceress (Not Awakened) Lvl 13 Maehwa (Not Awakened) Lvl 1 Dark Knight ( Playable March 1st) (Not Awakened)
Main Armour
Tet Muskan Shoes, Tet Bheg gloves and a +10 spare, Tri giath helmet, Duo Dim Tree armour and a +12 spare.
Also lots of additional items, Such as Boss alts with gear, Permanent Horse Flute, at least 10 awakening scrolls, Glasses, earrings and Exp event items.
Tier 3 Hawk Tier 2 Dog Tier 2 Penguin Tier 1 Cat Tier 1 Penguin Tier 1 Panda
This account has multiple Mounts and boats, Ranging from tier 3 horses up to tier 7. I also have around 5-8 Fishing boats and 1 Epheria Sailboat. ( if you are into sailing )
If you have any questions or would like more pictures of the account and items, please feel free to ask me.
Would prefer to sell this to someone who lives locally, You can collect and have a look at the account before purchasing. Email and Password will be given to the buyer linked to the account along with my contact details and phone number, in case buyer needs help changing anything related to the account. Open to offers. Asking price £1,000.

Phone number ✆ 07911 887645
Wareham, Dorset

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