Wanted! Vintage PVC Footballs Used In Matches In The 1970s-1980s

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  • Published date: June 22, 2024
    • Wall, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Wanted! Vintage PVC Footballs Used In Matches In The 1970s-1980s

⭕ Want to make a few hundred quid by getting rid of a few old, trashed footballs?

Im looking for thermally moulded synthetic rubber footballs, that had been used in matches ( and or by local area Schools ) in the 1970s, into the 1980s. These old footballs are extremely hard to find, so I can use all the help I can get and the reason for the high value price Im willing to buy them for. Each passing day, week and month that goes by, makes finding these old footballs much harder. Keep reading if interested.

.......................Heres what Im looking for....................

Thermally molded synthetic rubber footballs used in the 1970s up to the mid-late 1980s. Synthetic rubber is best described as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, an imitation vinyl rubber. If you dont know what synthetic rubber is, thats OK. These balls can easily be mistaken as rubber footballs. I think the footballs used in the beginning of the film, Gregorys Girl where all synthetic rubber.

Full Size #5

Thermally moulded / fully moulded constructed , for comparison, all rubber footballs are thermally molded. Synthetic rubber footballs look exactly like rubber footballs. These are not glued or stitched balls.

Synthetic rubber footballs were primarily made in Japan ( if it does not say, or its worn off thats OK )

They can be damaged from decades of wear ( rips or tears to outer cover ), gone flat, writing. If they hold air, thats great, but footballs do not need to retain air or be in usable condition as these are for collecting only.

Game balls or School balls are primarily wanted. These types of footballs were used in many clubs/leagues. They were also widely used in Academys, secondary Schools, primary schools, Elementary Schools and Colleges.

Synthetic rubber will not have that pungent rubbery odor, which is very common with ordinary rubber footballs.

Synthetic rubber footballs will have a cream color hue to the outer carcass, from years of oxidation.

School officials, Athletic directors, PE Teachers, Coaches, are highly encouraged to contact me if you have any old footballs in your School(s) that might fit the description of what Im looking for. Even if they dont hold air or are in extremely poor shape, I still want them..so please do not discard them.

If it says made in China, Taiwan, Thailand, or Korea anywhere on the ball, its just an ordinary rubber football. If you are unable to find this, it might be worn off, which is fine.

Pictures welcome ( email them if possible)

I hope by making this listing, someone in the greater Norwich region might be able to help me find a few before they are all discarded.

Im offering from £75 up to a max of £275, depending on age, amount of wear. Older, pre 1978 match balls are worth between £150 and £275 ( even if they are flat or no longer retain air )

Phone number ✆ 01785 778227
Wall, Staffordshire

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