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  • Published date: January 30, 2024
    • Staines, Surrey, United Kingdom


⭕ Painted I believe after his sisters death while he was with the Monks, who convinced the Vatican to dedicate churches to the Madonna. The newsclipping on the back states it was found in a Catholic Church, founded in 1880 and later converted to a boys home. Also stated in the clipping is that the auction was postponed due to President Kennedys assassination. I bought it from a girl whos grandmother purchased it at that auction. It is signed first and last and initialed in Rodins handwriting. It is age appropriate for 1880 or before. I used OCR technology and magnification to reveal this. Please see, everything on Professor Antonio Morales Martinez. Then Google Professor Gianfranco Salvatori, Michelangelo Si, Mona Lisa. I stumbled onto these last year. I had done over 1000 pieces and 150 artists by then. Regardless never stolen, I have offered it to the French for a 20% finders fee. It just felt right.
I have no idea what she may be worth because she seems to be the ONLY Rapheal type painting found. Beautiful, but of course her ears appear a little large. Rodin consistently did this, perhaps because his were EXTREMELY LARGE. God bless him. I can get more photos, but shes in climate controlled storage so it will take a few weeks.

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Staines, Surrey

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