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⭕ One can only speculate why Michelangelo, portrayed Henry VIII in such a dark nature. Cardinal Pole was his friend and a fellow Spirituali member. Henry martyred Poles mother, brother, nephew, distant relatives and friends. Henrys arm is wrapped in black, symbolizing death. The nuns habit rock with protruding chin, with the bearded man with a crown facing away from her, symbolizes Henry. The tiger preparing to rip the head off Ann Boleyns corpse, Henry again. The troll like figure crouched on a rock watching, grinning, definitely William Sommers profile. He was important to Henry, not just his JESTER. Jane Seymours corpse, breasts exposed [representing motherhood] lies at his feet, on your left. Prince Edward sleeps peacefully and content at Ann of Cleves rt. hip, her breasts exposed transference of motherhood. Micheal held great affection for Ann. She appears anguished, but he masterfully diverts from her deformity. It wasnt noticed by me until a year afterwards. All of this could just be an extension of Micheals Last Judgement. He placed Cardinals he knew in that work also.
Now drying time between sessions, 3 days according to the Craftmans handbook by Cinnnini. With everything and every known artists location verified. The only place without the threat of decapitation this couldve been painted safely was Rome. Micheal was the only artist present. Titian visited by the length of his visit wasnt long enough.
ANOTHER FALSEHOOD see the Titian, Allegory of Prudence below. NOT TITIAN HIS EYES WERE BLUE. Its Paul III, symbol for Rome has always been the she wolf, Henry VIII, symbol for England, the lion, Phillip II, their symbol has always been the golden fleece. Titian portrays the sheep with fangs because Phillip attacks Italy X 2 shortly after gaining power. See treaty of Nice and Raphaels portrait of Titian to confirm his own eye color. How long will we follow the assumptions of these experts, that consistently base their books on other books written without evidence or verification of any kind.
ANOTHER FALSEHOOD see below, Michelangelos unaltered drawing of Vittoria Colonna. Her face is portrayed in both Dawn and Night, Medici tomb, 1525. Proving he met her 20 years before the published date. Consistently her image graces his work. Irony, Micheal placed his face as Julius II on his tomb. See yourself. HOW IS IT NONE OF THESE EXPERTS HAS NOTICED THESE THINGS?
This Mike painted for Pole, I believe was traded to Hitler by Pius XII to save the remaining Roman Jews. La Popessa, sister Pasqcalina states the tiaras were appraised and the Vatican treasures were considered. Gold was refused the second time by Hitler. When all seems lost Hitler suddenly decides to comply with the 1938 concordance. A diagnosed psychopath, not likely. His handwriting identifying two subjects and the SS 43 confirm he possessed it. No trust remaining after 40 assassination attempts and Goerings offer to take over the SS. Its no surprise no documentation in all the archives exists. However 13 catalogs remain missing and the surrendered catalogs were returned by Easy Co, 101 paratroopers, the first to arrive at Bergdorf, the eagles nest where I suspect this was kept. No inventory could be located. I have not combed through the 4 boxes of Monument Men records at the National Archives but Harry Ettlinger assures me art taken to collecting points was immediately cataloged and photographed. Those records must be accessed in person.
We bought it at auction in Montana in 2012. Questions?

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