FERRARI 365 GTC 4 Engine

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  • Published date: May 21, 2024
    • Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom

FERRARI 365 GTC 4 Engine

⭕ FERRARI 365 GTC 4 Engine

Complete engine professionally stripped for inspection and ready for assembly.

You are looking on a low mileage engine serial # FIOI AC000 * 00143 *
This is a rare 1971 year high output 4 cam Ferrari engine - not to be confused with the less powerful and more common 400 i engine.
Genuine reason for sale - the engine is available for inspection in San Diego.CA.
The overall condition of the engine is excellent, this looks like this is the first time the motor has been fully disassembled. there is no sign of abuse!
You would require gaskets, piston rings and timing chain for rebuild. Below I am listing more details on some of the components.

1. Crankshaft - excellent condition, both mains and con rod journals show no sign of wear and measure un ground standard size.

2. Camshafts - lobes and journals perfect - stock 25.00 mm diameter

3. Cylinder block. Liners are in excellent condition, de glazed -( heavy honing was not required.) There is some deterioration of the water jacket ports, however this should not affect the sealing of the cylinder head gaskets.

4. Cylinder heads. Excellent condition, some similar water jack port deterioration as mentioned in the block description, again head gasket will seal OK. No wear on camshaft journal caps.

5. Timing chest - perfect condition. All timing sprockets are excellent as are all tensioners / guides.

6. Oil pan bell housing - great shape, two fins have slight damage .

7. Distributors - perfect condition with original Magnetti Morelli, points / condenser plus rotors, no caps.

8. Starter motor - original Magnetti Morelli, rebuilt with original correct solenoid serial # MT2ITI,8/12DG.

9. Pistons - Bearings. Conrods and bearings as new - shells can be re used as can main bearings. Slight deterioration of piston skirts, will not affect performance.

10. Oil/water pump/vacuum pump. All in excellent condition.

11. Cam covers - perfect ,red paint due to planned use in replica

12. Fly wheel and clutch assembly require surface grinding.

13. Webers 6 original 38 DCOE carbs in need or rebuild ,complete with all throttle linkages and 6 brand new carb overall kits

All of the loose parts and fasteners are complete
During dismantling by a V12 specialist, all of the loose parts. were carefully inventoried for easy assembling.

Phone number ✆ 01743 458197

Oswestry, Shropshire

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