1958 Chrysler 300D 392 Hemi Rebuilt Engine Motor

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  • Published date: July 9, 2024
    • Boscastle, Cornwall, United Kingdom

1958 Chrysler 300D 392 Hemi Rebuilt Engine Motor

⭕ Completely rebuilt 1958 Chrysler 300D 392 Hemi engine. This engine has been completely rebuilt and is ready to add accessories and install. You will need to install exhaust, water pump, and thermostat housing. Numbers on the engine are as follows:

Engine Block: 1673729 Dated 1-21-8 It has A1 cast behind the flywheel.

Heads: 1731528

Intake manifold: 1733477 dated 9-28-7

Front stamp: 58N3-1642

The work done to the engine are as follows:

Engine Block: This engine started out as a very nice unmolsted engine core that was removed from an old rotten wooden flatbottom boat. The boat was built in 1960, I assume that this motor was aquired from a wrecking yard or out of a car very early in its life. When I got this boat it had been out of the water since 1977. The motor had never been apart. Unlike the majority of 392s this engine has never been cracked or repaired. There are no sleeves or damage anywhere on this block. Overall it is one of the nicest blocks I have seen of this vintage.

Engine Block Preparation: Engine block has been oven cleaned, shot peened and magnafluxed. The cylinders were not worn excessivly, but the pistons were so the block was boared .030 oversize. Also the block was surfaced.

Rotating Assembly: The bottom end consists of an OEM Chrysler forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods. Both crankshaft and rods were oven cleaned, shot peened, and magnaflux inspected. Crankshaft has been reground .010 on both the rod and main journals. The connecting rods have been resized on both ends, the small ends have had new bushings installed. Egge Machine dome top pistons have been installed on the connecting rods and they have been aligned on a Sunnen jig. Completing the short block are new Grant piston rings and Egge Machine connecting rod bearings.

Camshaft Lifters and Valvetrain: All of the valvetrain in this engine is new and upgraded for todays unleaded gas. The camshaft is the original Chrysler unit. It was not worn at all so it was rehardened and installed in the engine with new Egge Machine lifters. The valves in the engine are stock size 2.00x1.75 Manley steel replacement on the intake and the exhaust. Springs are new Elgin industries. Both the valves and the seats have received a full 3 angle valve job. The seats have been cut to the standard 30,45 and 60 degree angle. Bronze guides and hardened exhaust seats were installed as well. Both heads were also resurfaced.

Rocker Arms and Pushrods: The engine has its original Chrysler 300D adjustable rocker arm assemblies. The rockers have been dissasembled and rebuilt. All of the rocker arms are refaced and the shafts have been polished. They were reinstalled with stock pushrods and head bolts.

Accessories: This engine comes complete as pictured. Included are factory dimpled valve covers, timing cover and center sump oil pan. Also installed are harmonic balancer and valley pan.

Intake and Carburetors: An original Chrysler 2x4 intake manifold is installed with a pair of restored Carter WCFB carburetors. These are original Chrysler vacuum secondary carburetors that have been recolored and restored.

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Boscastle, Cornwall

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