Man-to-Man Personal Development & Relaxation

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  • Published date: May 13, 2024
    • Headley, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Man-to-Man Personal Development & Relaxation

⭕ I have walked the Path of Self-Discovery
since the mid 1980s,
and make part of my living
working with men,
who, for one reason or another,
face a hurdle in their life,
and would find it useful
to spend time with someone
who has learnt to think outside the box,
and has unconventional answers.

We are all different,
yet we all stem from the same source.

At a very deep level,
we ARE the SAME thing.

We live in a world
that is predominately run by fear.

A world
dominated by organisations and groups
that make excessive demands on us all.

Dealing with these predators
takes up the majority of peoples lives,
leaving little time for philosophical thinking,
or for personal development.

The world of the system
seems to run everything,
yet running alongside it
are other dimensions altogether,
run by different rules.

Those that have experience of these other worlds
will know exactly what I mean,
and I assure those that do not know,
that I do NOT mean religion.

is like a man
who describes the riding of a bicycle,
as relayed to various people in the past,
and interpreted in many ways ever since.

is riding the bicycle yourself.

It is as simple as that.

It is a very big universe,
and it is full of life.

It only begins to make sense
when you begin to realise
that only bodies die.

If consciousness
continues to live,
in whatever form post-death,
then Life has a deep, deep purpose,
and our every thought, word, and action matters.

You may be a beginner on this journey.

I think in terms
of a baton in a relay race -
to make sense,
it has to be passed on.

So I occasionally work with Men.

I prefer quality to quantity.

I am not PC.

I call a spade a spade.

I have practiced an unusual form of Tai Chi
for the last 23 years,
and it is a great energy.

It has seen me through very testing times.

I use this energy for massage and healing.

Touch is such a vital thing.

is a good way to meet and connect.

Or a walk in the fresh air.


Phone number ✆ 023 7160 6059
Headley, Hampshire

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