New (daytime Only) Sensual Massage Service M/F - M - M/M - F - F/F

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  • Published date: April 20, 2024
    • Newhey, Lancashire, United Kingdom

New (daytime Only) Sensual Massage Service M/F - M - M/M - F - F/F

⭕ New to massage service for couples, I will massage you both or just one while the other watches and enjoys the sensual experience. I will provide a soft, warm but strong and relaxing all over full body massage, happy to help you relax and seek energy movement within your body.

I am a 45 year old male nurse (Essex based), I have worked in the NHS for twenty years and I really know my way around a human body, male or female.

While not a sexual service, this male nurse with experience of thousands of naked bodies, will know how to make you enjoy your time with me. A sensual, calm, relaxing experience, I can provide most types of music to help you relax, and I will bring hypo-allergenic baby oil, but happy to use anything else you provide, including your own vibrating massage devices, if you desire.

You can be Naked, wearing a bathing costume, underwear, or I can bring paper knickers (oils might ruin your clothes, but paper knickers are the most unsexy thing in the world) whatever you are happy to wear. I will be in my underwear or naked (the oil ruins clothes and my car), but happy to wear small gym shorts and top to make you more comfortable.

This is just a service provided by me, I need to earn some money (NHS pay!!), I will be happy to arrange discounts for short visits or more than two people or an hours long experience.

I can show and direct couples how to touch each other, I have no problems if you touching me and sharing my energy will help you relax. I relate to men and women equally.. As STATED NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE but more than happy to help you to be happy, to relax and if you that is a very normal response to a close and warm sensual massage of your naked body, its your body you enjoy this how you wish its totally up to you.

All body types catered for, just please shower before I arrive or I can wash you in the shower, which is a great way to relax and if you are getting a sexual thrill out of watching me wash your partner, well that is your buzz.. I am none judgemental and just like helping people. If I can make you relaxed and smiling and help you to unwind your trapped energy and stresses then that pleases me.

As I am starting out and setting up my business, the prices will be £40 for an hour, £30 for half and hour.. I am in the process of starting up, so I dont have a website or work mobile yet, this is just me starting a mobile business, the professional stuff I will deal with later.

email and messenger services at the moment.

I will drive to you with my hands, oil and a great will do everything attitude to fulfill your needs so I can help you. You will provide a WARM (heat the space up it really helps to relax) safe space and a bed or a floor with something soft on it and I will bring my strong hands to you or both of you.

time slots to suit you. contact me, Tom.

I am just a normal looking guy, I am neither ugly or stunning. I have an average body ( I go to the gym and run), strong arms. I weigh 87kg slightly overweight, but that helps me to have huge energy reserves to share around. This will be about you or you both, I understand you will want to know what I look like. Happy to arrange photos, chats upon requests so you are really sure you are happy. As I have said, I have worked in the NHS for nearly twenty years and I am CRB/Disclosure service checked for the NHS. I will be arranging my own personal copy soon. If you feel you want to buy me a coffee and chat to feel safe first in a public place, we can arrange that.

I am happy to talk to you about special services and your wants and desires, I will not judge you.... but remember this is not a sexual service, this is about sensuality and relaxing with other people. I can arrange candles and oils (for a nominal fee) if you wish....
(soon to be arranging a hot stone service, if there is any interest)

I hope to hear from you soon, drop me a line I will arrange discounts for repeat visits!

TOM x.

Phone number ✆ 07784 905189
Newhey, Lancashire

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