High Quality Indoor Grade AAA++

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  • Published date: July 8, 2024
    • Coniston, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

High Quality Indoor Grade AAA++


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wE ArE ImMeDiAtElY HiRiNg pArT TiMe dAy cArE ReCePtIoNiSt nO ExPeRiEnCe iS NeEdEd. If yOu aRe lOoKiNg fOr a jOb pLeAsE SeNd oVeR YoUr fIrSt aNd lAsT NaMe aNd a gOoD CoNtAcT NuMbEr aNd sOmEoNe wIlL Be cOnTaCtInG YoU ShOrTlY. tHaNkS AnD HaVe a gReAt dAy! RePlY WiTh yOuR NaMe & pHoNe nUmBeR AsAp., We aRe cUrReNtLy iN SeArCh oF MaIl rOoM WoRkErS FoR 1sT &3Rd sHiFt fOr a wElL EsTaBlIsHeD PrInTiNg cOmPaNy iN ThE ArEa. tHiS Is lIgHt pRoDuCtIoN WoRk, No hEaVy lIfTiNg, OnGoInG AsSiGnMeNt. 15 pOsItIoNs tO FiLl tHiS WeEk. 7aM-3:30Pm///4Pm- 11:30Pm. $23 PeR HoUr. 40+ HoUrS WeEk. RePlY WiTh yOuR NaMe pHoNe nUmBeR AsAp. oVeRaLl rEsPoNsIbIlItIeS Be aCcOuNtAbLe fOr aLl tRaNsAcTiOnS PeRfOrMeD DuRiNg yOuR ScHeDuLeD ShIfT AnD CoRrEcTlY FoLlOw bAnKiNg-oUt aNd sHiFt ClOsInG PrOcEdUrEs. ReSpOnSiBlE FoR KeEpInG WoRk aReAs sAfE AnD ClEaN. pRoViDe aCcUrAtE, dEsCrIpTiVe hOtEl aNd cItY InFoRmAtIoN To aLl cAlLeRs. Be kNoWlEdGeAbLe oF HoUrS Of oPeRaTiOn fOr aLl HoTeL FaCiLiTiEs. HaVe a tHoRoUgH UnDeRsTaNdInG Of aLl gUeStRoOm lOcAtIoNs aNd tHeIr aMeNiTiEs. HaNdLe mAiL AnD MeSsAgEs pEr pReScRiBeD PrOcEdUrE. cOnStAnTlY PrAcTiCe tEaMwOrK; sEt a gOoD ExAmPlE Of rEsPoNsIbIlItY AnD AdHeReNcE To cOmPaNy pOlIcY FoR OtHeRs tO FoLlOw aNd EsTaBlIsH A PoSiTiVe iMaGe. KnOw aNd bE AbLe tO CaRrY OuT SpEcIfIeD DuTiEs iN ThE EvEnT Of a fIrE AlArM, bOmB ThReAt, GuEsT Or eMpLoYeE MeDiCaL eMeRgEnCy, AnD SyStEm fAiLuRe. AnSwEr pHoNeS PrOmPtLy iN A PoLiTe aNd pRoFeSsIoNaL MaNnEr uSiNg tHe sTaNdArD PhRaSeOlOgY. uSe aSsOcIaTes nAmE WhEn AnSwErInG AlL In-hOuSe cAlLs. ReSpOnSiBiLiTy fOr rOuTiNg iNcOmInG CaLlS To tHe rIgHt dEpArTmEnT, gUeStRoOm, MeEtInG RoOm, oR OtHeR FaCiLiTiEs. HaS CoMpReHeNsIvE UnDeRsTaNdInG Of pBx cOnSoLe aNd iTs fUnCtIoNs. ReSpOnSiBlE FoR ReCoRdInG AnD EnTeRiNg aLl wAkE-Up rEqUeStS In tHe wAkE-Up mAcHiNe aNd lOgGiNg vIp wAkE-UpS On tHe mAsTeR lOg. ReSpOnSiBlE FoR GuEsTs gEt tHeIr wAkE-Up cAlLs aT ThE ReQuEsTeD TiMe. ReSpOnSiBlE FoR ReCeIvInG AnD DeLiVeRy oF GuEsT AnD AdMiNiStRaTiVe fAxEs; FoLlOwInG ThE GuIdElInEs oUtLiNeD In tHe fAx MaNuAl. Be kNoWlEdGeAbLe aBoUt tHe vOiCe mAiL SyStEm aNd aSsIsT GuEsTs wItH UsAgE AnD MeSsAgE ReTrIeVaL. hAnDlEs aLl mEsSaGeS WiTh cOrReCt sPeLlInG, mAkInG SuRe tHe mEsSaGe lIgHt iS TuRnEd oN AnD DeLiVeRs aLl mEsSaGeS By pHoNe MaKiNg sUrE ThE MeSsAgE LiGhT Is tUrNeD OfF. iN-ChArGe oF ThE PaGiNg sYsTeM AnD ThE TwO-WaY RaDiO In tHe cOmMuNiCaTiOnS OfFiCe. EnSuRe tHaT AlL PrObLeMs aNd gUeSt cOmPlAiNtS ArE ReSoLvEd aNd lOgGeD On tHe gUeSt rEsPoNsE LoG AnD ReLaYeD To tHe SuPeRvIsOr. ReSpOnSiBlE FoR AdViSiNg iMmEdIaTeLy aLl dEpArTmEnTs cOnCeRnEd aNd tHe fIrE DePaRtMeNt (911) wHeN ThE FiRe pAnEl gOeS OfF fOlLoWiNg oUr sTaNdArD OpErAtInG PrOcEdUrE. rEsPoNsIbLe fOr rEcEiViNg aNd cOnNeCtInG HeArInG ImPaIrEd tElEpHoNe cAlLs. AsSiSt iN InStAlLiNg aNd pIcKiNg uP PhOnEs, SpEaKeR PhOnEs iN/FrOm mEeTiNg rOoMs, GuEsT RoOmS AnD OtHeR PuBlIc aReAs. ReAd aNd uNdErStAnD ThE UsA PaTrIoT AcT. We aRe lOoKiNg fOr aN OrGaNiZeD PaRt-tImE FiLe cLeRk tO Do fIlE MaNaGeMeNt aNd mAiNtEnAnCe aNd aSsIsT OuR AcCoUnTiNg aNd OfFiCe mAnAgEmEnT PeRsOnNeL. yOu wIlL OrGaNiZe pApErWoRk aCcOrDiNg tO An eFfIcIeNt fIlInG SyStEm aNd dIgItAlIzE AlL iMpOrTaNt dOcUmEnTs. YoU WiLl bE ExPeCtEd tO PrOtEcT AnD UpDaTe fIlEs aS WeLl aS MaKe tHeM EaSiLy aCcEsSiBlE To yOuR cOlLeAgUeS. A FiLe cLeRk mUsT Be oRgAnIzEd aNd pOsSeSs a sErIoUs uNdErStAnDiNg oF CoNfIdEnTiAlItY AnD DaTa pRoTeCtIoN. tHe iDeAl CaNdIdAtE WiLl bE SkIlLeD In cOmPuTeRs aNd dEtAiL-OrIeNtEd. ThE GoAl iS To pReSeRvE ThE CoMpAnYS ReCoRdS AnD MaNaGe PaPeRwOrK EfFeCtIvElY. ThIs pOsItIoN Is pArT-TiMe, 9-5 On mOnDaYs aNd tUeSdAyS, aT $10 - 12/hR DePeNdInG On eXpErIeNcE. ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs: cHeCk iNcOmInG PaPeRwOrK (cOrReSpOnDeNcE, iNvOiCeS EtC.) AnD MaKe cOpIeS BeFoRe dIsTrIbUtInG SoRt aLl pApErS AlPhAbEtIcAlLy aNd aCcOrDiNg tO CoNtEnT, dAtEs, SiGnIfIcAnCe eTc. CrEaTe oR UpDaTe rEcOrDs wItH NeW FiLeS AnD InFoRmAtIoN StOrE AlL PaPeRwOrK In dEsIgNaTeD PlAcEs sEcUrInG ThE ImPoRtAnT DoCuMeNtS EnTeR PaPeRwOrK InTo aN ElEcTrOnIc sYsTeM EiThEr bY DaTa eNtRy oR By uSiNg oPtIcAl sCaNnErS DeAl wItH AlL ReQuEsTs tO AcCeSs fIlEs aNd kEeP LoGs oF BoRrOwEd pApErS ReCoNcIlE InVoIcEs aNd aCcOrDiNg rEcEiPtS DeVeLoP An eFfIcIeNt fIlInG SyStEm tO MaKe uPdAtInG AnD ReTrIeViNg fIlEs eAsIeR FoLlOw pOlIcIeS AnD CoNfIdEnTiAlItY DiCtAtIoNs tO SaFeGuArD DaTa aNd iNfOrMaTiOn mOnItOr iNvEnToRy oF FiLeS, pApEr cLiPs eTc. AnD RePoRt sHoRtAgEs qUaLiFiCaTiOnS pRoVeN ExPeRiEnCe aS FiLe cLeRk kNoWlEdGe oF FiLiNg sYsTeMs vErY GoOd kNoWlEdGe oF Ms oFfIcE AnD OfFiCe eQuIpMeNt sUcH As pHoToCoPiEr, ScAnNeR EtC. gOoD CoMmAnD Of eNgLiSh bOtH OrAl aNd wRiTtEn dEpEnDaBlE WiTh a rEsPeCt tO CoNfIdEnTiAlItY AnD PoLiCiEs eXcElLeNt oRgAnIzAtIoNaL SkIlLs gReAt aTtEnTiOn tO DeTaIl hIgH ScHoOl dEgReE Or eQuIvAlEnT AdDiTiOnAl iNfOrMaTiOn aLl yOuR InFoRmAtIoN WiLl bE KePt cOnFiDeNtIaL AcCoRdInG To eEo gUiDeLiNeS. If yOu mEeT ThE CrItErIa oUtLiNeD AbOvE AnD YoU WoUlD LiKe tO ExPlOrE ThE PoSsIbIlItY Of jOiNiNg tHe gRaMoPhOnE TeAm, pLeAsE ReSpOnD By sUbMiTtInG YoUr rEsUmE AnD A CoVeR LeTtEr dEsCrIbInG YoUr rElEvAnT SkIlLs aNd eXpErIeNcE. tHe cAnDiDaTe fOr tHiS PoSiTiOn wItHiN ThE DiSpAtCh dEpArTmEnT WiLl bE ReSpOnSiBlE FoR FaCiLiTaTiNg tHe vErIfIcAtIoN Of LoGiStIcS InFoRmAtIoN, fLoW Of cOmMuNiCaTiOn wItH DrIvErS, aNd cOmPlIaNcE Of dAy tO DaY AcTiViTiEs. ThEy sHoUlD HaVe tHe AbIlItY To fAcIlItAtE OrDeR AnD DaTa eNtRy, MuLtI-TaSk aNd bE DeTaIl oRiEnTeD. tHeY WiLl hAvE ExCeLlEnT PrObLeM SoLvInG AnD rEsOlUtIoN SkIlLs aNd eXcElLeNt vErBaL AnD WrItTeN CoMmUnIcAtIoN. eSsEnTiAl dUtIeS AnD ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs: WoRkFlOw EnSuRe wOrKfLoW PrOgReSs tHrOuGhOuT ThE DaY As wElL As iNfOrMaTiOn fRoM PrEvIoUs. AuDiT AnD CoRrEcT InFoRmAtIoN WiThIn tHeSe wOrKfLoW GuIdElInEs. MoBiLe cOmMuNiCaTiOnS mOnItOr aNd fAcIlItAtE MoBiLe cOmMuNiCaTiOn wItH OuR DrIvEr fOrCe. IdEnTiFy aNd rEsOlVe iSsUeS ThAt hInDeR ThE PrOgReSsIoN Of mObIlE CoMmUnIcAtIoNs. ScHeDuLe, TrOuBlEsHoOt aNd dEtErMiNe nEcEsSiTy oF MoBiLe cOmMuNiCaTiOn dEvIcE ShIfTs. DaTa aNd pApErWoRk VeRiFy aCcUrAtE InFoRmAtIoN On dAiLy bAsIs. IdEnTiFy aNd lOcAtE MiSsInG PaPeRwOrK AnD InFoRmAtIoN. pRoCeSs aNd fIlE VaRiOuS FoRmS Of pApErWoRk. PrOcEsS AnD VeRiFy dRiVeR LoGs aNd fAcIlItAtE UsE Of eLeCtRoNiC LoGs. ThIs iNcLuDeS DaIlY RePoRtS, cOmPlEtEd aNd iN PrOcEsS WoRk. SkIlLs: eXpErIeNcE WiTh tMw, CaRrIeRwEb aNd eBe aRe bEnEfIcIaL, bUt nOt nEcEsSaRy. PrOfIcIeNcY WiTh mIcRoSoFt oFfIcE AnD MiCrOsOfT WiNdOwS BaSeD EnViRoNmEnTs. MuLtI-TaSkInG AnD EfFiCiEnT CoMmUnIcAtIoN SkIlLs. DeTaIl oRiEnTeD * PrObLeM SoLvInG AnD ReSoLuTiOn sKiLlS. hIgH ScHoOl eDuCaTiOn oR HiGhEr. TyPiNg sKiLlS ReQuIrEd jOb tYpE: fUlL-TiMe ReQuIrEd eDuCaTiOn: hIgH ScHoOl oR EqUiVaLeNt ReViEw aNd pRoCeSs aCcOuNtS PaYaBlE TrAnSaCtIoNs iN PrEpArAtIoN FoR DaTa eNtRy aNd rEcOnCiLiNg, As wElL As rEsEaRcH AnD rEsOlUtIoN Of iNtErNaL AnD ExTeRnAl cUsToMeR InQuIrIeS. On a dAiLy bAsIs yOu sHoUlD ExPeCt tO: Ap aCtIvElY MaNaGeD. rEcOnCiLe pOS To iNvOiCeS AnD CrEaTe/pOsT InVoIcEs. Ap oRgAnIzEd aNd cOmPlEtEd pEr cOmPaNy pRoCeSsEs aNd sPeCiFiCaTiOnS. rEvIeW ExPeNsE RePoRtS AnD PrEpArE FoR ReImBuRsEmEnTs. MaNaGe & pRoCeSs cReDiT CaRd rEiMbUrSeMeNtS MaInTaIn cLiEnT DaTaBaSe. AbIlItY To cOmMuNiCaTe cLeArLy aNd cOnCiSeLy. StRoNg oRgAnIzAtIoNaL SkIlLs. AsSiSt wItH FeDeRaL & StAtE SaLeS TaX FiLiNgS, w9, w8-BeN AnD 1099 rEpOrTiNg. EnSuReS DeAdLiNeS ArE MeT On a tImElY BaSiS. tEaM PlAyEr wItH InTeReSt iN HeLpInG OtHeRs wItHiN ThE CoMpAnY. aDdItIoNaL PrOjEcTs aS ReQuIrEd. CrOsStRaIn aNd pRoViDe bAcKuP To aR PrEpArInG AnD ReCoRdInG DePoSiTs. CoLlEcTiOn oF PaSt dUe iNvOiCeS. PoSiTiOn rEqUiReMeNtS YoU WoUlD Be a gReAt fIt fOr tHiS RoLe iF YoU HaVe: fAmIlIaRiTy wItH GeNeRaLlY AcCePtEd aCcOuNtInG PrInCiPlEs (GaAp). sTrOnG CoMpUtEr sKiLlS, wOrKiNg kNoWlEdGe oF MiCrOsOfT OfFiCe aPpLiCaTiOnS, aNd eXpErIeNcE WiTh wEb bAsEd sOfTwArE. hIgH ScHoOl tO SoMe cOlLeGe eXcEl pRoFiCiEnCy mS OfFiCe yOu wOuLd bE An eVeN BeTtEr fIt fOr tHiS RoLe iF YoU HaVe: kNoWlEdGe aNd eXpErIeNcE WiTh tHe fOlLoWiNg tOoLs: SaP -- b1, pAyCoM, aDpRs, TaBlEaU, aVaTaX AnD CoNcUr. aBoUt tHe oRgAnIzAtIoN VeCtOrWoRkS, iNc. Is a wHoLlY OwNeD SuBsIdIaRy oF ThE NeMeTsChEk gRoUp aNd hAs bEeN DeVeLoPiNg SoFtWaRe sInCe 1985. tHe vEcToRwOrKs lInE Of sOfTwArE PrOdUcTs pRoViDeS PrOfEsSiOnAl dEsIgN SoLuTiOnS FoR MoRe tHaN HaLf a MiLlIoN DeSiGnErS In tHe aEc, EnTeRtAiNmEnT, aNd lAnDsCaPe dEsIgN InDuStRiEs. WiTh a tRaDiTiOn oF DeSiGnInG CaD AnD bUiLdInG InFoRmAtIoN MoDeLiNg (BiM) sOlUtIoNs tHaT AlLoW DeSiGnErS To eAsIlY CaPtUrE, dEvElOp, AnD CoMmUnIcAtE ThEiR IdEaS wItH AcCuRaCy aNd eFfIcIeNt, VeCtOrWoRkS CoNtInUeS To bE A GlObAl lEaDeR In 3D DeSiGn tEcHnOlOgIeS. SiNcE ItS BeGiNnInGs iN ThE MiD-1980S As dIeHl gRaPhSoFt, InC., ThE CoMpAnY HaS PlAyEd a fOrMaTiVe rOlE In tHe cAd InDuStRy, ReDeFiNiNg tHe mArKeTpLaCe bY SeTtInG A HiGh sTaNdArD FoR ItS PrOdUcTs, AnD CoNtInUaLlY TeStInG AnD ReFiNiNg tHeM tO SuRpAsS UsErS eXpEcTaTiOnS. iN ThE PrOcEsS, iT HaS BeCoMe aN InTeRnAtIoNaLlY ReSpEcTeD LeAdEr iN BoTh cAd aNd bIm TeChNoLoGy. ThE CoMpAnY CrEaTeD OnE Of tHe fIrSt cAd pRoGrAmS, oNe oF ThE FiRsT 3d mOdElInG SoFtWaRe pRoGrAmS, aNd tHe FiRsT CrOsS-PlAtFoRm cAd aPpLiCaTiOn. VeCtOrWoRkS WaS AlSo oNe oF ThE FiRsT To iNtRoDuCe bIm cApAbIlItIeS, bEfOrE BiM bEcAmE An iNdUsTrY BuZzWoRd. An oFfIcE SeRvIcEs cLeRk iS ThE FuLl pErFoRmAnCe lEvEl oF WoRk pErFoRmInG DiVeRsE ClErIcAl dUtIeS WhIcH SuPpOrT AgEnCy OpErAtIoNs aNd rEqUiRe tHe rEvIeW, vErIfIcAtIoN AnD InTeRpReTaTiOn oF InFoRmAtIoN In oRdEr tO MaKe dEtErMiNaTiOnS AnD rEsOlVe pRoBlEmS In aCcOrDaNcE WiTh pOlIcIeS, rEgUlAtIoNs aNd lAwS ApPlIcAbLe tO AgEnCy pRoGrAmS. tHe mAiN PuRpOsE Of tHiS pOsItIoN Is tO PrOvIdE AlL NeCeSsArY ClErIcAl sUpPoRt sErViCeS To tHe mChP PrEmIuM CaSe mAnAgEmEnT SeCtIoN AcCoRdInG To PrOgRaM PoLiCiEs aNd pRoCeDuReS. MiNiMuM QuAlIfIcAtIoNs EdUcAtIoN: gRaDuAtIoN FrOm aN AcCrEdItEd hIgH ScHoOl oR PoSsEsSiOn oF A HiGh sChOoL EqUiVaLeNcY CeRtIfIcAtE. ExPeRiEnCe: TwO YeArS Of eXpErIeNcE PeRfOrMiNg cLeRiCaL DuTiEs. nOtEs: 1. AdDiTiOnAl eXpErIeNcE PeRfOrMiNg cLeRiCaL DuTiEs mAy bE SuBsTiTuTeD On a yEaR-FoR-YeAr bAsIs fOr tHe rEqUiReD EdUcAtIoN. 2. aPpLiCaNtS MaY SuBsTiTuTe eDuCaTiOn fRoM An aCcReDiTeD CoLlEgE Or uNiVeRsItY At tHe rAtE Of tHiRtY SeMeStEr cReDiT HoUrS fOr oNe yEaR Of eXpErIeNcE On a yEaR-FoR-YeAr bAsIs fOr tHe rEqUiReD ExPeRiEnCe. 3. SiX MoNtHs cLeRiCaL TrAiNiNg wItH ThReE CoUrSeS In sUbJeCtS SuCh aS KeYbOaRdInG, cLeRiCaL MaTh, WoRd pRoCeSsInG, SpReAdShEeTs, DaTaBaSe, GrApHiCs pReSeNtAtIoN, pRoOfReAdInG, oR OfFiCe eTiQuEtTe mAy bE SuBsTiTuTeD FoR SiX MoNtHs oF ThE rEqUiReS ExPeRiEnCe. 4. CaNdIdAtEs mAy sUbStItUtE U.S. aRmEd fOrCeS MiLiTaRy sErViCe eXpErIeNcE As a nOn-cOmMiSsIoNeD OfFiCeR In aDmInIsTrAtIvE cLaSsIfIcAtIoNs oR In aDmInIsTrAtIvE, cLeRiCaL, oR OfFiCe sErViCeS SpEcIaLtY CoDeS In tHe cLeRiCaL SuPpOrT FiElD Of wOrK On A YeAr-fOr-yEaR BaSiS FoR ThE ReQuIrEd eXpErIeNcE. DeSiReD Or pReFeRrEd qUaLiFiCaTiOnS tHe sUcCeSsFuL ApPlIcAnT ShOuLd hAvE TwO YeArS ClErIcAl eXpErIeNcE ApPlYiNg pOlIcIeS In a mEdIcAl cArE, hEaLtH InSuRaNcE, Or fEdErAl oR StAtE EnTiTlEmEnT PrOgRaM. SeLeCtIoN PrOcEsS aPpLiCaNtS WhO MeEt tHe mInImUm qUaLiFiCaTiOnS WiLl bE EvAlUaTeD. tHe eVaLuAtIoN MaY Be a rAtInG Of yOuR ApPlIcAtIoN BaSeD oN YoUr eDuCaTiOn, TrAiNiNg aNd eXpErIeNcE As tHeY ReLaTe tO ThE ReQuIrEmEnTs oF ThE PoSiTiOn. ThErEfOrE, iT Is eSsEnTiAl ThAt yOu pRoViDe cOmPlEtE AnD AcCuRaTe iNfOrMaTiOn oN YoUr aPpLiCaTiOn. PlEaSe rEpOrT AlL ReLaTeD EdUcAtIoN, eXpErIeNcE, DaTeS AnD HoUrS Of wOrK. fOr eDuCaTiOn oBtAiNeD OuTsIdE ThE U.S., A CoPy oF ThE EqUiVaLeNt aMeRiCaN EdUcAtIoN As dEtErMiNeD bY A FoReIgN CrEdEnTiAl eVaLuAtIoN SeRvIcE MuSt aCcOmPaNy tHe aPpLiCaTiOn. AlL InFoRmAtIoN CoNcErNiNg yOuR QuAlIfIcAtIoNs MuSt bE SuBmItTeD By tHe cLoSiNg dAtE. wE WiLl nOt cOnSiDeR InFoRmAtIoN SuBmItTeD AfTeR ThIs dAtE. BeNeFiTs CoNtRaCtUaL EmPlOyEeS WhO WoRkS FoR An aGeNcY CoVeReD UnDeR ThE StAtE EmPlOyEe aNd rEtIrEe hEaLtH AnD WeLfArE BeNeFiTs PrOgRaM (tHe pRoGrAm), hAvE A CuRrEnT EmPlOyMeNt cOnTrAcT AnD WoRk 30 Or mOrE HoUrS A WeEk (Or oN AvErAgE 130 HoUrS PeR mOnTh) MaY Be eLiGiBlE FoR SuBsIdIzEd hEaLtH BeNeFiTs cOvErAgE FoR ThEmSeLvEs aNd tHeIr dEpEnDeNtS. aS A CoNtRaCtUaL eMpLoYeE, yOu wIlL Be rEsPoNsIbLe fOr pAyInG 25% Of tHe pReMiUmS FoR YoUr mEdIcAl aNd pReScRiPtIoN CoVeRaGe, InClUdInG AnY eLiGiBlE DePeNdEnTs yOu hAvE EnRoLlEd. ThE StAtE Of mArYlAnD WiLl sUbSiDiZe tHe rEmAiNiNg 75% oF ThE CoSt fOr tHeSe BeNeFiTs. YoU CaN AlSo eLeCt tO EnRoLl iN DeNtAl cOvErAgE, aCcIdEnTaL DeAtH AnD DiSmEmBeRmEnT InSuRaNcE, aNd lIfE iNsUrAnCe, BuT WiLl bE ReSpOnSiBlE To pAy tHe fUlL PrEmIuM FoR ThEsE BeNeFiTs. tHiS PoSiTiOn pRoViDeS ClErIcAl sUpPoRt tO ThE FaMiLy sErViCeS PrOgRaM AnD InDePeNdEnTlY PeRfOrMs vArIoUs gEnErAl cLeRiCaL dUtIeS, wHiCh iNcLuDeS TeLeCoMmUnIcAtIoN OpErAtOr, StOcKrOoM ClErK, rEcEpTiOnIsT AnD MaIl hAnDlEr. pOsItIoN DuTiEs TeLeCoMmUnIcAtIoNs oPeRaToR - AnSwErS InCoMiNg cAlLs fOr fAmIlY SeRvIcEs uNiT, iNcLuDiNg iTs pRoGrAmS (aDoPtIoNs, iNdEpEnDeNt lIvInG AnD PlAcEmEnTs), tRaNsFeRs cAlLs, DiReCtS CaLlS To pRoPeR DiStRiCtS OfFiCeS AnD/Or oThEr pRoGrAmS oUtSiDe tHe aGeNcY, tAkEs mEsSaGeS AnD DiStRiBuTeS ThE MeSsAgEs tO StAfF MaIlBoXeS. AsSiStS WiTh fIlLiNg rEqUiSiTiOnS FoR OfFiCe sUpPlIeS AnD FoRmS; dIsTrIbUtEs sUpPlIeS To uNiT SeCrEtArIeS; iNvEnToRys aLl SuPpLiEs aNd fOrMs oN HaNd; AnD RePlEnIsHeS ShElVeS. ReCePtIoNiSt - dIrEcTs vIsItOrS To tHe cAsE MaNaGeR/SuPeRvIsOr oR DiStRiCt oFfIcE To aCcOmMoDaTe sErViCeS NeEdEd. pRoCeSsEs iNcOmInG AnD OuTgOiNg mAiL FrOm bOtH InTeR-DePaRtMeNtAl aNd u.s. PoStAl sErViCe. cOpIeS MaTeRiAl uSiNg pHoToCoPy eQuIpMeNt. tYpEs cHaRtS, lAbElS AnD UpDaTeS In-hOuSe tElEpHoNe rOsTeR. MiNiMuM QuAlIfIcAtIoNs PlEaSe dEsCrIbE In dEtAiL AnY JoB DuTiEs rElAtInG To tHe mInImUm qUaLiFiCaTiOnS StAtEd aNd iNcLuDe aNy cOmPuTeR SoFtWaRe ExPeRiEnCe (Ex. WoRd, ExCeL, aCcEsS, eTc.) uSeD In eAcH Of tHe pOsItIoNs yOu hElD. EdUcAtIoN: cOmPlEtIoN Of tHe eIgHtH GrAdE. ExPeRiEnCe: OnE YeAr eXpErIeNcE PeRfOrMiNg cLeRiCaL DuTiEs iN An oFfIcE EnViRoNmEnT. NoTeS: 1. aDdItIoNaL ExPeRiEnCe pErFoRmInG ClErIcAl dUtIeS MaY Be sUbStItUtEd oN A YeAr-fOr-yEaR BaSiS FoR ThE ReQuIrEd eDuCaTiOn. 2. GrAdUaTiOn fRoM An aCcReDiTeD HiGh sChOoL Or pOsSeSsIoN Of a hIgH ScHoOl eQuIvAlEnCy cErTiFiCaTe mAy bE SuBsTiTuTeD FoR sIx mOnThS Of tHe rEqUiReD ExPeRiEnCe. 3. SiX MoNtHs cLeRiCaL TrAiNiNg wItH ThReE CoUrSeS In sUbJeCtS SuCh aS KeYbOaRdInG, cLeRiCaL MaTh, WoRd pRoCeSsInG, SpReAdShEeTs, DaTa bAsE, gRaPhIcS PrEsEnTaTiOn, PrOoFrEaDiNg, Or oFfIcE EtIqUeTtE MaY Be sUbStItUtEd fOr sIx mOnThS Of tHe ReQuIrEd eXpErIeNcE. 4. cAnDiDaTeS MaY SuBsTiTuTe u.s. ArMeD FoRcEs mIlItArY SeRvIcE ExPeRiEnCe aS A NoN-CoMmIsSiOnEd oFfIcEr iN AdMiNiStRaTiOn ClAsSiFiCaTiOnS Or iN AdMiNiStRaTiVe, ClErIcAl, Or oFfIcE SeRvIcEs sPeCiAlTy cOdEs iN ThE ClErIcAl sUpPoRt fIeLd oF WoRk oN a yEaR-FoR-YeAr bAsIs fOr tHe rEqUiReD ExPeRiEnCe. lImItAtIoNs oN SeLeCtIoN tHiS ReCrUiTmEnT Is lImItEd tO PeOpLe wIlLiNg tO AcCePt pArT-TiMe eMpLoYmEnT In bAlTiMoRe cItY. SeLeCtIoN PrOcEsS pLeAsE PrOvIdE SuFfIcIeNt iNfOrMaTiOn oN YoUr aPpLiCaTiOn tO ShOw tHaT YoU MeEt tHe qUaLiFiCaTiOnS FoR ThIs rEcRuItMeNt. aLl iNfOrMaTiOn cOnCeRnInG YoUr qUaLiFiCaTiOnS MuSt bE SuBmItTeD By tHe cLoSiNg dAtE. SuCcEsSfUl cAnDiDaTeS WiLl bE RaNkEd aS BeSt qUaLiFiEd, BeTtEr qUaLiFiEd oR QuAlIfIeD AnD PlAcEd oN ThE EmPlOyMeNt (eLiGiBlE) lIsT FoR OnE YeAr. tHe rEsUlTiNg cErTiFiEd eLiGiBlE LiSt fOr tHiS ReCrUiTmEnT MaY Be uSeD FoR SiMiLaR PoSiTiOnS In tHiS Or oThEr sTaTe AgEnCiEs. eXaMiNaTiOn pRoCeSs ThE AsSeSsMeNt mAy cOnSiSt oF A RaTiNg oF YoUr eDuCaTiOn, TrAiNiNg, AnD ExPeRiEnCe rElAtEd tO ThE ReQuIrEmEnTs oF ThE pOsItIoN. iT Is iMpOrTaNt tHaT YoU PrOvIdE CoMpLeTe aNd aCcUrAtE InFoRmAtIoN On yOuR ApPlIcAtIoN. pLeAsE RePoRt aLl ExPeRiEnCe aNd eDuCaTiOn tHaT Is rElAtEd tO ThIs pOsItIoN. FoR EdUcAtIoN ObTaInEd oUtSiDe tHe u.s., a cOpY Of tHe eQuIvAlEnT AmErIcAn eDuCaTiOn aS DeTeRmInEd bY A FoReIgN CrEdEnTiAl EvAlUaTiOn sErViCe mUsT AcCoMpAnY ThE ApPlIcAtIoN. aLl iNfOrMaTiOn cOnCeRnInG YoUr qUaLiFiCaTiOnS MuSt bE SuBmItTeD By tHe ClOsInG DaTe. We wIlL NoT CoNsIdEr iNfOrMaTiOn sUbMiTtEd aFtEr tHiS DaTe. bArGaInInG UnIt sTaTuS tHe iNcUmBeNt iN ThIs pOsItIoN Is a mEmBeR Of a cOvErEd bArGaInInG UnIt aNd wIlL Be rEqUiReD To pAy a bI-WeEkLy sErViCe fEe To tHe eXcLuSiVe rEpReSeNtAtIvE Of tHe bArGaInInG UnIt. SeEkInG YoUnG PrOfEsSiOnAl fOr dAtA EnTrY. mUsT Be rElIaBlE AnD A QuIcK LeArNeR. pOsItIoN Is fUlL TiMe aT HvAc cOmPaNy. wIlL InPuT Ap/aR AnD AsSiSt aCcOuNtAnT/HuMaN ReSoUrCe mAnAgEr wItH DaIlY DuTiEs. dUtIeS InClUdE: PrEpArE, cOmPiLe aNd sOrT DoCuMeNtS FoR DaTa eNtRy vErIfY DaTa aNd cOrReCt dAtA WhErE NeCeSsArY ObTaIn fUrThEr iNfOrMaTiOn fOr iNcOmPlEtE DoCuMeNtS TrAnScRiBe iNfOrMaTiOn iNtO ReQuIrEd eLeCtRoNiC FoRmAt sCaN DoCuMeNtS InTo dOcUmEnT MaNaGeMeNt sYsTeM ChEcK CoMpLeTeD WoRk fOr aCcUrAcY StOrE CoMpLeTeD DoCuMeNtS In dEsIgNaTeD LoCaTiOnS qUaLiTiEs: DeTaIlEd oRiEnTeD PrOfIcIeNt aT MiCrOsOfT OfFiCe cOmMuNiCaTiOn sKiLlS OrGaNiZaTiOn iNfOrMaTiOn cOlLeCtIoN AnD MaNaGeMeNt PlEaSe aTtAcH ThE MoSt cUrReNt cOpY Of yOuR ReSuMe aNd aVaIlAbIlItY To sTaRt wOrK. JoB TyPe: FuLl-tImE rEqUiReD EdUcAtIoN: HiGh sChOoL Or eQuIvAlEnT ReQuIrEd lIcEnSe oR CeRtIfIcAtIoN: DrIvErS LiCeNsE MaNaGeS ThE AnAlYsIs oF ThE HeAlTh rEcOrD FoR CoMpLeTiOn; WoRkS WiTh cLiNiCaL StAfF To eNsUrE ThE ReCoRd iS CoMpLeTe aNd AvAiLaBlE FoR ThE PaTiEnTS HeAlTh cArE. oVeRsEeS AnD ReSpOnDs tO AlL ReQuEsTs fOr hEaLtH InFoRmAtIoN. eSsEnTiAl fUnCtIoNs oF PoSiTiOn mAiNtAiNs tHe pAtIeNt rEcOrD AnD SeTs uP FoLdErS FoR NeW AnD ReAdMiTtEd pAtIeNtS; oRgAnIzEs aNd fIlEs lOoSe rEpOrTs aNd/oR sCaNs tHiS InFo iNtO ThE PaTiEnTS ReCoRd. At dIsChArGe rEtRiEvEs cHaRtS/PaPeRwOrK FrOm tHe nUrSiNg uNiTs; ThEn aSsEmBlEs aNd aNaLyZeS AnD EvAlUaTeS MeDiCaL ReCoRdS fOr cOmPlEtEnEsS. kEePs tHe pHySiCiAnS AwArE Of iNcOmPlEtE ItEmS In tHe rEcOrD AnD EnSuReS ThEy hAvE ThE ReCoRd oR InFoRmAtIoN NeEdEd tO cOmPlEtE ThEsE DeFiCiEnCiEs. CaLcUlAtEs aNd rEpOrTs mOnThLy dElInQuEnT ReCoRd sTaTiStIcS. pUrGeS InAcTiVe rEcOrDs aNd pRePaReS ThEm fOr oFfSiTe sToRaGe; HeLpS MaNaGe oFfSiTe sToRaGe tRaNsAcTiOnS. oRgAnIzEs aNd pUlLs rEcOrDs nEeDeD FoR AuDiTs aNd rEvIeWs. ReCeIvEs, ScReEnS, aNd hAnDlEs iNcOmInG DePaRtMeNtAl cAlLs. EnSuReS MaIl iS PiCkEd uP AnD ReSpOnDeD To iN A TiMeLy mAnNeR. eNsUrEs aLl rElEaSe oF InFoRmAtIoN ReQuEsTs aRe vAlId; SeCuReS ThE NeEdEd rEcOrDs fOr cOpYiNg; AnD EnSuReS ThEy aRe cOpIeD tImElY. sEtS Up nEw pHySiCiAnS WiTh tRaNsCrIpTiOn sErViCeS AnD FoLlOwS Up oN AnY TrAnScRiPtIoN IsSuEs. MaInTaInS An aCcUrAtE AnD Up-tO-DaTe mAsTeR PaTiEnT InDeX. oRdErS SuPpLiEs fOr tHe dEpArTmEnT As nEeDeD. cReAtEs oUtPaTiEnT MeDiCaL ReCoRd cHaRt fOr aLl nEw pAtIeNtS CoMiNg tO ThE OuTpAtIeNt cEnTeR FoR SeRvIcEs. PuLlS MeDiCaL ReCoRd fOr pAtIeNtS ThAt hAvE BeEn sEeN FoR OuTpAtIeNt sErViCeS In tHe pAsT AnD ArE CoMiNg bAcK, aUdItS, PaTiEnT BiLlInG ReQuEsTs aNd cOrReSpOnDeNcE. cHeCkInG In aNd cHeCkInG OuT MeDiCaL ReCoRd cHaRtS InTo mEdItEcH FoR TrAcKiNg pUrPoSeS. lOgGiNg iN AnD FiLiNg rEpOrTs iN PaTiEnT MeDiCaL ReCoRd cHaRt oF PaTiEnTs tHaT WeRe sEeN In cLiNiC At mWpH By pHySiCiAnS tHaT CoMe fRoM OuTsIdE FaCiLiTy tHaT HaVe dIcTaTeD InTo tHeIr oWn cOmPuTeR DiCtAtIoN SyStEm. PoSiTiOn rEqUiReMeNtS EdUcAtIoNaL ReQuIrEmEnTs hIgH ScHoOl dIpLoMa; SoMe cOlLeGe pReFeRrEd oR CoUrSe wOrK In hEaLtH InFoRmAtIoN MaNaGeMeNt lIcEnSuRe, CeRtIfIcAtIoN AnD ReGiStRaTiOn nOnE WoRk oRiEnTaTiOn aNd eXpErIeNcE At lEaSt tWo yEaRs eXpErIeNcE In a hEaLtHcArE SeTtInG SuCh aS A MeDiCaL ReCoRdS DePaRtMeNt oR PhYsIcIaNS OfFiCe kNoWlEdGe, SkIlLs aNd aBiLiTiEs kNoWlEdGe oF GeNeRaL MeDiCaL ReCoRdS/HeAlTh iNfOrMaTiOn mAnAgEmEnT FuNcTiOnS AnD PrOcEsSeS. cOmPuTeR ApPlIcAtIoNs sKiLlS ReQuIrEd iNcLuDiNg fAmIlIaRiTy wItH MiCrOsOfT OfFiCe pRoGrAmS. sTrOnG OrGaNiZaTiOnAl sKiLlS; dEtAiL OrIeNtEd; AbIlItY To mUlTiTaSk aNd pRiOrItIzE WoRk. GoOd cOmMuNiCaTiOn sKiLlS, bOtH vErBaL AnD WrItTeN. eXcElLeNt cUsToMeR SeRvIcE SkIlLs wItH ThE AbIlItY AnD PrOfEsSiOnAlIsM To rEpReSeNt tHe dEpArTmEnT AnD MwPh. SuMmArY: wItH SuPeRvIsIoN, pRoViDeS AlL SeRvIcEs rElAtEd tO ThE ReCeIpT AnD StOrAgE Of gOoDs dElIvErEd tO ThE ScHoOl, MaIl SeRvIcE, aNd cEnTrAl sToReS. EsSeNtIaL FuNcTiOnS: PiCk uP AnD DeLiVeR MaIl tWo tImEs pEr dAy tO LoCaTiOnS AcRoSs tHe cAmPuS. iNcLuDeS BoTh iNtErOfFiCe aNd eXtErNaL MaIl. pRoCeSs oUtGoInG MaIl tO DeTeRmInE AnD AfFiX PrOpEr pOsTaGe, InClUdInG ChArGiNg uS MaIl aNd cOmMoN CaRrIeR PaCkAgEs tO iNdIvIdUaL DePaRtMeNtS On a dAiLy bAsIs. ReCeIvEs iNcOmInG SuPpLiEs aNd mAiNtAiNs iNvEnToRy cOnTrOl oF ThE CeNtRaL StOrErOoM. rOtAtEs sToCk, FoRwArDs rEoRdEr iNfOrMaTiOn tO FiNaNcE FoR ItEmS ThAt hAvE To bE Re-sToCkEd, MaInTaInS InVeNtOrY ReCoRdS, AnD DiSbUrSeS ItEmS To lOcAtIoNs aCrOsS ThE CaMpUs. SuPeRvIsEs aNd tRaInS StUdEnTs wHeN AsSiGnEd tO ThE StOrErOoM FoR On tHe jOb tRaInInG. pErFoRmS AdDiTiOnAl dUtIeS As aSsIgNeD. aBiLiTy tO PuSh aNd pUlL 100+ lBs., aNd lIfT Up tO 50 lBs. WoRk sChEdUlE: mOnDaY-FrIdAy 8Am-4PmWiTh oNe 30 MiNuTe uNpAiD MeAl bReAk dAiLy. ThIs pOsItIoN HaS An aNnUaL 12-mOnTh ScHeDuLe aNd iS BeNeFiTs eLiGiBlE. pRe-aPpRoVeD FlExTiMe sChEdUlInG Is aLlOwEd. OvErTiMe mAy bE ExPeCtEd wHeN NeCeSsArY. ExPeRiEnCe aNd sKiLlS: qUaLiFiCaTiOnS: HiGh sChOoL DiPlOmA Or eQuIvAlEnT Is rEqUiReD. bAsIc kNoWlEdGe oF GeNeRaL StOrErOoM PoLiCiEs aNd iNvEnToRy cOnTrOl. BaSiC KnOwLeDgE Of mAiLiNg pRoCeDuReS InClUdInG MaIl sOrTiNg, DiStRiBuTiOn, AnD DeLiVeRy. BaSiC CoMpUtEr kNoWlEdGe rEqUiReD. rEqUiReS A ClAsS c DrIvErs lIcEnSe wItH A DrIvInG ReCoRd cOmPaTiBlE WiTh sChOoL StAnDaRdS. In tHiS PoSiTiOn, YoU WiLl pRoViDe dEtAiLeD DaIlY, wEeKlY, aNd mOnThLy rEpOrTs sO ReCeIvAbLeS CaN Be mAnAgEd. YoU WiLl OvErSeE ThE AcCoUnTs pAyAbLe dEpArTmEnT By eNtErInG, cOdInG AnD ReViEwInG AlL InVoIcEs fOr pRiCe dIsCrEpAnCiEs aNd AcCuRaCy; ReSoLvE VeNdOr iNqUiRiEs/iSsUeS; gEnErAtE InVoIcEs fOr sPeCiAl tRaInInG ClAsSeS. mAiNtAiN BoOk sToRe iNvEnToRy oN a mOnThLy bAsIs. AuDiTiNg dUtIeS WiLl aLsO Be iNvOlVeD To eNsUrE AcCuRaCy aNd cOmPlIaNcE. mAiNtEnAnCe aNd rEpOrTiNg oF sTuDeNt dAtA Is aN EsSeNtIaL CoMpOnEnT AnD ThE InCuMbEnT WiLl oFtEn wOrK DiReCtLy wItH StUdEnTs tO CoLlEcT AnD PrOvIdE nEcEsSaRy iNfOrMaTiOn. eXpErIeNcE AnD SkIlLs: ThE PeRsOn wE SeEk wIlL PoSsEsS ExCeLlEnT CoMmUnIcAtIoN SkIlLs iNcLuDiNg a hIgH LeVeL Of cOmFoRt cOmMuNiCaTiNg bY PhOnE. ShE/He wIlL Be oRgAnIzEd, AbLe tO HaNdLe a vArIeTy oF AsSiGnMeNtS SiMuLtAnEoUsLy, AnD DrIvEn bY A SeNsE Of uRgEnCy. GrEaT cUsToMeR SeRvIcE SkIlLs aRe aLsO NeCeSsArY. a mInImUm oF A HiGh sChOoL DiPlOmA Or gEd iS AcCePtAbLe fOr cOnSiDeRaTiOn. eXpErIeNcE In aCcOuNtS ReCeIvAbLe, AcCoUnTs pAyAbLe, ReCoRdS MaNaGeMeNt oR OtHeR BuSiNeSs oFfIcE SuPpOrT RoLeS WiLl bE hIgHlY VaLuEd. cOnSiDeR JoInInG OnE Of tHe lEaDeRs iN CaReEr-fOcUsEd eDuCaTiOn pRoGrAmS AnD JoIn oUr fAmIlY Of pRoFeSsIoNaLs dEdIcAtEd tO pRoViDiNg cArEeRs tHaT BuIlD AmErIcA! We lOoK FoRwArD To hEaRiNg fRoM YoU! oPpOrTuNiTy fOr a dAtA PrOcEsSoR/MeDiCaL ReCoRdS ClErK To wOrK FuLl-tImE In oUr rEiStErStOwN OfFiCe. ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs InClUdE AcTiViTiEs sUcH As aBsTrAcTiNg dAtA, sCaNnInG DoCuMeNtS InTo tHe rEcOrDs, ScReEnInG ChArGe tIcKeTs, ApPlYiNg PaYmEnTs tO ThE PrOpEr aCcOuNtS, aNd gEnErAtInG TaSkS In tHe eLeCtRoNiC PrAcTiCe mAnAgEmEnT SyStEm tO ObTaIn iNfOrMaTiOn NeEdEd tO CoMpLeTe a cLaIm. ThE DaTa pRoCeSsOr aDdReSsEs iSsUeS SuCh aS InSuRaNcE AnD CoDiNg eRrOrS AnD LoCaTeS MiSsInG tIcKeTs uSiNg tHe tAsKiNg pRoCeSs. He/sHe eNtErS ReQuIrEd dAtA ElEmEnTs (I.E. mEdIcAl hIsToRy, FaMiLy hIsToRy, EtC.) oBtAiNeD FrOm tHe pAtIeNts pApEr mEdIcAl rEcOrD InTo tHe nExTgEn eMr sYsTeM. MiNiMaL ReQuIrEmEnTs: hIgH ScHoOl dIpLoMa. MiNiMuM 1yEaR ReLaTeD MeDiCaL OfFiCe eXpErIeNcE. mUsT Be cOmPuTeR LiTeRaTe wItH KnOwLeDgE Of eLeCtRoNiC MeDiCaL ReCoRdS ElEcTrOnIc pRaCtIcE MaNaGeMeNt sYsTeM A PlUs. NeXtGeN ExPeRiEnCe pReFeRrEd pRoFiCiEnT WiTh cOmPuTeRs aNd oThEr oFfIcE EqUiPmEnT SuCh aS ScAnNeRs mEdIcAl cLaImS DaTa eNtRy eXpErIeNcE PrEfErReD. aBiLiTy tO SiT FoR LoNg pErIoDs. MuSt bE AbLe tO LiFt aPpRoXiMaTeLy 10 1bS. jOb tYpE: fUlL-TiMe JoB LoCaTiOn: rEiStErStOwN, mD ReQuIrEd eDuCaTiOn: hIgH ScHoOl oR EqUiVaLeNt rEqUiReD ExPeRiEnCe: sCaNnInG: 1 yEaR MeDiCaL ReCoRdS: 1 yEaR DaTa eNtRy: 1 YeAr pAyMeNt pOsTiNg: 1 YeAr cLeAnEdGe lLp hAs aN ImMeDiAtE OpEnInG FoR An eXpErIeNcEd cUsToMeR SeRvIcE PoSiTiOn aVaIlAbLe iN BaLtImOrE. pErSoN MuSt HaVe eXpErIeNcE In fAsT PaCeD EnViRoNmEnT WoRkInG In a mAnUfAcTuRiNg/dIsTrIbUtIoN BuSiNeSs. CuStOmEr sErViCe rEqUiReMeNtS: ExCeLlEnT PhOnE EtIqUeTtE AtTeNtIoN To dEtAiL AnD AbIlItY To pRoDuCe aCcUrAtE WoRk cOnSiStEnTlY ExCeLlEnT CuStOmErS SeRvIcE SkIlLs pRoFeSsIoNaL, pOsItIvE AnD PeRsUaSiVe dEmEaNoR ExCeLlEnT WrItTeN AnD InTeRpErSoNaL CoMmUnIcAtIoN SkIlLs pRoFiCiEnT In mIcRoSoFt oFfIcE SuItEs aNd sAgE SoFtWaRe aBiLiTy tO WoRk aS TeAm cUsToMeR SeRvIcE ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs: mAiNtAiN A SoLiD ReLaTiOnShIp wItH ClIeNtS AnD CuStOmErS MaInTaIn aCcOuNtS ReCeIvAbLe sUpPoRt oUr sAlEs tEaM, cLiEnTs aNd dIsTrIbUtErS WiTh iNfOrMaTiOn rEqUeStS TrAcKiNg oRdErS AnD TrOuBlEsHoOtInG As nEcEsSaRy eNtEr dIrEcT OrDeRs uPdAtE ItEm iNfOrMaTiOn aNd pRiCiNg fOr aSsIgNeD ClIeNtS SeT Up nEw cUsToMeR AcCoUnTs rEcEpTiOnIsT DuTiEs iNcLuDiNg: AnSwErInG InCoMiNg cAlLs, DiReCtInG CaLlS To aPpRoPrIaTe aSsOcIaTeS, mAiL DiStRiBuTiOn, fIlLiNg, ReQuIsItIoN Of sUpPlIeS As wElL As aDdItIoNaL ClErIcAl dUtIeS. jOb tYpE: fUlL-TiMe JoB LoCaTiOn: bAlTiMoRe, Md rEqUiReD EdUcAtIoN: HiGh sChOoL Or eQuIvAlEnT ReQuIrEd eXpErIeNcE: CuStOmEr sErViCe: 5 YeArS ThE MaRyLaNd oFfIcE Of tHe pUbLiC DeFeNdEr sEeKs a zEaLoUs aTtOrNeY FoR ThE PoSt cOnViCtIoN DeFeNdErS DiViSiOn lOcAtEd iN bAlTiMoRe, MaRyLaNd. ThE MaRyLaNd oFfIcE Of tHe pUbLiC DeFeNdEr pRoViDeS SuPeRiOr rEpReSeNtAtIoN To iNdIgEnT DeFeNdAnTs ThRoUgHoUt tHe sTaTe oF MaRyLaNd. ThE AgEnCys vIsIoN Is fOr jUsTiCe, FaIrNeSs, AnD DiGnItY FoR AlL. eMpLoYeEs aRe CoMmItTeD To tHe cOrE VaLuEs oF A CuLtUrE Of eXcElLeNcE, cLiEnT-CeNtErEd rEpReSeNtAtIoN, tEnAcIoUs aDvOcAcY, aNd aRe uNiTeD aS A TeAm iN AcHiEvInG ThE AgEnCys mIsSiOn. oVeRvIeW Of tHe pOsItIoN An aTtOrNeY In tHe pOsT CoNvIcTiOn dEfEnDeRs dIvIsIoN PrOvIdEs lEgAl rEpReSeNtAtIoN At pOsT-CoNvIcTiOn hEaRiNgS FoR iNcArCeRaTeD ClIeNtS In aLl 24 CoUnTiEs iN MaRyLaNd. An aSsIsTaNt pUbLiC DeFeNdEr cOmBiNeS HiS/HeR DeMoNsTrAtEd dEdIcAtIoN tO ThE RePrEsEnTaTiOn oF InDiGeNt cLiEnTs wItH HiS/HeR StRoNg rEsEaRcH, wRiTiNg, AnD LiTiGaTiOn sKiLlS To pRoViDe ExCePtIoNaL RePrEsEnTaTiOn. ThIs pOsItIoN WiLl cOmMeNcE In lAtE FaLl/wInTeR 2016 aNd wIlL Be lOcAtEd iN BaLtImOrE CiTy. pRiMaRy dUtIeS AnD ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs • pErFoRmInG ExTeNsIvE LeGaL ReSeArCh oF CaSe lAw, StAtUtEs, AnD MaRyLaNd rUlEs. • WrItInG PoSt cOnViCtIoN PeTiTiOnS CoNtAiNiNg lEgAl aRgUmEnT. • iNtErViEwInG AnD EfFeCtIvElY CoMmUnIcAtInG WiTh iNcArCeRaTeD ClIeNtS AnD ThEiR FaMiLiEs. • InTeRvIeWiNg pOtEnTiAl wItNeSsEs (SuCh aS: pRiOr dEfEnSe cOuNsEl, TrIaL WiTnEsSeS, aLiBi wItNeSsEs, EtC.). • pRePaRiNg fOr cIrCuIt cOuRt pOsT CoNvIcTiOn hEaRiNgS. • pReSeNtInG OrAl aRgUmEnT In cOuRt. • CoNdUcTiNg dIrEcT AnD CrOsS-ExAmInAtIoN Of wItNeSsEs. • NeGoTiAtInG WiTh tHe sTaTe fOr aLtErNaTiVe rEsOlUtIoNs. • MaNaGiNg aCtIvE HeArInG ScHeDuLe & hEaVy cAsElOaD. • kEePiNg aPpRiSeD Of nEw oR ReLeVaNt cAsE LaW. • cOnTiNuOuSlY SeEkInG PrOfEsSiOnAl dEvElOpMeNt tHrOuGh tRaInInGs, CoNtInUiNg lEgAl eDuCaTiOn, AnD TrIaL SkIlLs cOuRsEs. • TrAvElInG To cIrCuIt cOuRtS AnD PrIsOnS ThRoUgHoUt tHe sTaTe (PeRsOnAl vEhIcLe rEqUiReD). tRaInInG AnD QuAlIfIcAtIoNs • jUdIcIaL LaW ClErK ExPeRiEnCe pReFeRrEd. • PoSt cOnViCtIoN KnOwLeDgE AnD/Or pOsT-CoNvIcTiOn lItIgAtIoN ExPeRiEnCe pReFeRrEd. • StRoNg iSsUe sPoTtInG, rEsEaRcH, aNd wRiTiNg sKiLlS. • aBiLiTy tO WoRk iNdEpEnDeNtLy, AnD WeLl aS WiTh tEaMs. • StRoNg iNtErEsT To zEaLoUsLy aDvOcAtE AnD NeGoTiAtE FoR InDiGeNt cLiEnTs. • SuPeRiOr cOmMuNiCaTiOn & oRgAnIzAtIoN SkIlLs. • AbIlItY To eFfEcTiVeLy mAnAgE BuSy sChEdUlE & HeAvY CaSeLoAd. • AcTiVe mEmBeRsHiP In gOoD StAnDiNg iN ThE BrOoKlYn, Ny bAr oR ThE BaR Of aNoThEr sTaTe.

Phone number ✆ 07573 330571
Coniston, East Yorkshire

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