The Maxwell Depositions

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  • Published date: March 12, 2024
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The Maxwell Depositions

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Atlanta Police Detective Raphael Alfredo Garcia has made a deal with the devil; at least in his mind William T. Maxwell was that. In the mist of police corruption and a drug war between two Cartels, the fate of 13 children are held in the balance. With no one he can trust, he places his career and his life in the hands of a man of mystery. . .Can the detectives, one with a badge and one without, save the children from a fate worst than death?
The Maxwell Deposition: NIMITAC, is a story right out of the headlines from today, on a subject that is in its self an appalling, contemptible, loathsome, and a despicable debauchery against children. However this subject makes headlines almost daily, in print, on line and in the broadcast media, the cases are discussed, the guilty are arrested, we watch the court proceeding, they are punish and then sadly, we wait for the next headline.
Nevertheless, and the sad truth of the matter is that the real guilty parties often, very often, get away! Which bring the issue of child abuse in a full circle again? There are not enough people, money or resources to battle this problem!
The Maxwell Deposition relates too many of those headlines that we have read about over the years, it is lace with real information on the problems associated with child abuse and real information on how to get involved and real information for parents for the protection their children. All told in a story that is shocking and engrossing all at the same time.

NIMITAC=Nothing Is More Important Than A Child
You just have to read this book, then lets make this into a movie!

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