Investor Partner Wanted For 3d Architecture Business, Small Investmen

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  • Published date: July 5, 2024
    • Coln St Aldwyns, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Investor Partner Wanted For 3d Architecture Business, Small Investmen

⭕ Hello,

I want to explain to you my investment idea and project.

I am looking for an investor for my 3d architecture render and animation business.
My website, 3d freelancer artists, portfolio, everything is ready, you can visit my website and get idea about this business.

We have already completed few projects successfully and our 3d quality is pretty high, our customers satisfied to work with us.
This is a niche and profitable business and i need a representative and investor to get more customers.

Do you have a google adwords account? Or can you create one? I need someone who can invest 300 to 500 $ per month, to advertise on google, to show my website ads to potential customers.

There is a huge potential in this business, worldwide, and i am targeting only the 6 countries that speak English as native language, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, IE, NZ.
I need an investor partner to start to advertise on google, the rest of the job i will do almost everything.

When we get a customer, we will share the profit %50-%50 between you and me. Here are some average costs and profits:
3d rendering an average house project costs to customer 1500 $
I pay about 300 $ to 3d freelancers
1200 $ is the net profit, and i will share this %50 with my investor business partner.

But this is just for an average project, there are many options for different size projects from 1000 $ to 10.000 $, for example a small house animation costs about 4000 $ to the customer, a large animation can cost about 10.000 $.

I will answer emails, manage works, manage 3d artists, etc.. almost everything, but i need an investor to start to advertise on google, and if you dont have a google adwords account you can easily sign up for it and you can add me as editor/admin, so i can put the ads, manage them and do settings. You can view visitors, clicks, how much spent, how many conversion made etc..

If we cant succeed, you will just lose 300 $, and you can stop to the google adwords anytime and stop paying for it anytime you want, but if we can succeed, and there is a huge potential and if you check my website you will see that we are really doing high quality works, we can make very good earnings and a business partnership.

Contact me for more information and your questions.

Phone number ✆ 07911 858234
Coln St Aldwyns, Gloucestershire

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