You Should Invest In My Food Truck Idea

  • 30000.00 £
  • Published date: February 12, 2024
    • Castle Combe, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

You Should Invest In My Food Truck Idea

⭕ Im looking for an investor with $30,000 that would like to make a 20% return on investment within one year. Id be interested in an offer to purchase 25% of this business venture. I have the company valued at $150,000 Im very confident and will be moving forward as is so id be willing to only accept a motivating offer. My reason for wanting investor now is I want to professionally record the contest and do a reality TV show of the contest as well as properly market the venue. Patrons will pay entry fee to participate in the choosing of the winner. I will also be getting 60% of the net made from food sales during the contest.

I currently own 4 Brand New Mobile Food Kitchens 2 Food Trucks and 2 Food Trailers not used. Im valuing my current business venture at $150,000. I want to put on a contest that will Find out who in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio has what it takes to Win the Contest. The winner will get a Contract to owner operate a Mobile Kitchen we Provide. The contract will be 60/40 Split The Contestant will revenue share 40% of the Mobile Kitchen he or she operates. I plan to have a mobile kitchen contest in all 4 Cities. We will gain a huge following along with the following the winner already has. There are several Qualifications to win. The path to gain the contract will all but guarantee we have each cities most popular cook with the biggest following that supports them faithfully. My goal is to continue this contest in different states. If this idea sounds like something you would seriously do give me a call let talk about this idea. I can be reached at Tony

Phone number ✆ 07911 863408
Castle Combe, Wiltshire

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