The Flagging Scammers Keep Proving My Point

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  • Published date: July 1, 2024
    • Haworth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The Flagging Scammers Keep Proving My Point

⭕ Why are you dirty knicker lovers so gullible? Guys Guys you are not listening, would you please stop contacting me ranting on that you too have been ripped off, I still get loads of angry guys contacting me who have agreed with my warning, and that means of course that you have unfortunately been a bit foolish and gullible and hadnt read and taken heed of my previous WARNINGS, please remember, a fool and his money WILL always be parted, so dont get conned like I was and the other gullible guys that have contacted me and were also ripped off by posts offering worn and unwashed womans or girls underwear.

However I do hope you have read this message before the Scammers flag this warning once again, lol, which rather proves my point dont you think.

I suppose I am my worst enemy as three times I have replied to separate posts, first nothing arrived and second they sent a brand new pair of cheap Asda knickers with some sort of marking on them that didnt smell like any woman I know !! its just a money making con like the posts you see all the time in the clothing section but with different pics and wording. the last time I was invited to meet a girl in a car park but she needed my credit card details first to prove I was genuine lol, really they think you must have came down in the last shower lol.

Since having warned you guys not that long ago I am still getting lots replies from angry guys who hadnt seen my warning and who have sadly been ripped off and one guy even said he thinks with a little investigation from a mate who works for the Post Office has found out from code stamped on parcels where they are operating from, its at an old farm on moorland near Leeds he said, this site should take down all of these spam posts and take back some credibility otherwise people will think its just a joke.

However if my memory serves me correctly I did see a post once, I think it was from North Kent somewhere, telling me I could actually pull down and remove a pair of knickers from this woman while they were still warm to prove she did actually wear them. I suppose that has to be genuine, however you would have to visit her to see and collect them, if I see her post again I may pick up the courage and try and contact her, but who knows, anyway take some advice from an old fool, please dont waste your time and money trying to get knickers or thongs sent through the post, they all appear to be are a well orchestrated nationwide con. just remember the saying a fool and his money will be parted signed by a sad old fool lol.

P.S since my last post I have been back to see that lovely genuine women again, because as luck would have it she not that far from me, so I made arrangements to meet her and her husband again, who incidentally told me they have suddenly been inundated with requests from guys to meet and buy some of her dirty knickers and thongs, I wonder why?

I did get some more nice smelly knickers as before plus I also got to see her very nice camel toe and pussy again as well as getting my fingers very wet lol. so I am now a happy bunny and not such a sad old fool now lol.

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Haworth, West Yorkshire

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